Cool tip for memorizing numbers

I hope you find comfort in knowing that the starting location (and therefore the first 2 digit number) of my new system is memorised by placing an orang-otang in the appropriate location. I also still have a horse, a lion, and lizzard in it, also a couple of people, but most are just objects.

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Good luck (that’s not sarcasm, despite my “Devil’s advocate approach” in my responses to this system).

Which is exactly why I prefaced it with "I am not sure if this is an original technique or if someone else has already though of this"

Erik, you really seem to cling to the idea of having other people’s approval.

I have seen your posts and read about your systems. They don’t make a lot of sense to me, but if they work for you that’s great! I certainly am not going to pick them apart because I don’t agree with them.


I’ve used the colour idea in the past, but the difference was that it was only one tenth of my system (anything beginning with 7 would be a coloured object/shape). If every single item is a coloured object, I imagine it could get confusing when memorising hundreds or thousands of digits in a competition. But for only a tenth of the images, it worked surprisingly well.

As for the people in locations as anchors, I’ve done this for several years and find it extremely useful.


i :heartbeat: pokemon

You could associate the colors to their number in the rainbow :rainbow:
0 white
1 red
2 orange
3 yellow
4 green
5 cyan
6 blue
7 purple
8 pink
9 black
I mean it is something I learned in kindergarten so it’s easy for me to put them in that order

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Hannah, that’s a fun way to look at it! I guess it really comes down to whatever association works best for you. For me, ever since I was a kid whenever I heard a certain number, a specific color would always come to mind…so “five” always made me think of the color “red” and “three” was always “yellow” and so on.

I’m not sure if there were specific cues in my early childhood that anchored these colors to te numbers in that way, but nonetheless it has always worked for me!

But I do like the rainbow idea! I think its an easy way for most people to link numbers to colors :slight_smile:

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