Convert Words to Images

I do not have a creative mind and find it difficult to convert words as images ie: anachronistic. Its taken me hours to find something memorable to represent this word (and others). What I need is an app that I can type in the word and voilà! all the images I would need appear. Apart from Pictionary, I can’t find one. Appreciate any help.

Well for “anachronistic” do you need to remember the word exactly? Otherwise it will just suffice to portray something outside of the time period. For example, a victorian gentleman on a mobile phone.

But say you actually need to remember the exact word anachronistic. The you would have to use something that sounds like that word, too.


Anne Chronos tic

So you have “Anne talking to Chronos with a tic”.

(Chronos - Titan of time in Greek Mythology, Father of Zeus, swallowed his babies to stop them from overthrowing him)
(Tic: a random repeated contraction of muscles usually in the face)

But that might not be enough to remind you, so you need to combine it with its meaning somehow:

Queen Anne, talking on a mobile phone, to Chronos, with a tic.

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I’ll go with the Victorian guy. Now if I could just have you as an App, I’d be happen. If you do come across an app I could use for this, I’d appreciate it. Just reading articles from other website hoping to come across what I need. Thanks for your help.

Id go with anarchist smashing a clock.

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I find Bradword’s crossword solver’s dictionary to be quite helpful in thinking word associations and soundalikes.

In fact, doing easy cryptic crosswords is pretty helpful in getting started of thinking of ideas.