**Conjugate of complex no**

We denote complex no. by z and conjugate by z bar
For finding conjugate of this type of complex no is very easy
Conjugate of 5+4i
Only change the sign of imaginary part of complex no. And it becomes 5 - 4i

For finding conjugate that are in this form
1/a+ib =
From traditional method,it is very time consuming question and not do by mentally.

Little approach to do this
Example - z = 1/5+6i then find z bar
METHOD - Denominator/ a^2 + b^2
5 + 6i / 25 + 36 = 5+6i/61
= 5/61 + 6i+61
It can easily done by mentally. Not pen copy is required.

Example - z = 1/3+4i
3+4i/9+16 = 3+4i/25 = 3/25 + 4i/25