Confusion between PAO, Dominic and Major

Hello guys!

As a new member, it is often tricky to distinguish these 3 concepts.

I was under the impression that the Dominic and Major systems were used to creating a list of people/actions. And then PAO was used on top of each of these 2 systems to add an extra object.
But I find many posts of people asking which of the 3 systems should be used. Isn’t PAO just an add-on?


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The Dominic System and Major System are ways to convert numbers to images. Person-Action-Object is one method of placing images in a memory palace that can be used with either the Dominic or Major System (or another system).

Check out the video on this page:


Hey @Josh! Thanks for this. This is EXACTLY what I needed and was looking for! perfectly clear :smiley:

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