Confused about ignored words in encoded major system numbers

Hi all,

I’m learning to use the Major System just to encode some simple numbers for the moment, for example:

For me 3189713772 encodes to Meet vape kid, make cane.

But I’ve noticed in some people’s examples the use of sentences that mix the encoded number with other words that must be ignored to decode. Taking the same source number as an example:

@hershchoc (I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your example from the MMM forum)

MaT trips a moving key FoB, which rolls into a CaT (Garfield), who drops his MuG and the broken pieces spear into a CaN ( the Grouche’s garbage can).

How does that work? How would you remember what to decode? Seems like it would need quite a lot of extra thought to filter the words to ignore.


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I just came up with another one
2032493453 - Nose Man RuB My Raw LiMe

Which is a fun image :smiley: , but I’m thinking I could also have decoding problems. When decoding how would I be sure the word was Rub and not Rubs?

I haven’t used this method personally, but if I did, I would try to use nouns as the images/words to decode. In your above example you have rub (verb), my (determiner), and raw (adjective). However, maybe if I used this method I might think different, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

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I like your idea. If I encode the numbers only as nouns, and use, like you suggested, non nouns then I can have easier phrases to remember. I don’t have a 00-99 list yet, but maybe that’ll make it even easier.

Give it a try. Instead you could use NoSe, MaN, haRP, haMmeR, LaMb - or something. Then use non-nouns to fill out the story.

“A giant nose and a man play the harp together and then smash it with a hammer which makes the lamb cry.”

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This example creates an image of the story rather than words, so it’s much easier to “see” the items linked by the events. This is someone remembering the combined images, not the sentence verbatim, so there’s no words to ignore. This is the movie, not the book.

Notice how each key word covers 2 digits? That means every 2-digit combination can be learned using 100 words (00~99), one for each. If they are all nouns, the actions and details are then easy to ignore in the image when decoding, though helpful in visualising and memorising them linked together as a scene. (e.g. FoB is important, but that it is a key fob is detail to aid recall of the object-image, whether it’s added to every instance of the FoB image or just this one.)

Does that make sense? :slight_smile:

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Hi @fatphil,
no problem with you using the example.
The reason I have no problem with the decoding is that the images which represent the numbers are specific and do not change.
The other words do not represent anything, as a result the during decoding my mind does not even consider them.
Hope that helps.

I have a set of images for my 0 - 99 numbers.
Each very specific:
Cat - is Garfield
Mug - A Mug with my name on it that was a present from my mom.
Fob - is a specific key Fob that I use for work
So even if add other cats to make the story plausible, I can still tell which images are for numbers or not.


Thanks @hershchoc and @Mnemosis. I see exactly how this can work. I was trying to shoehorn my numbers in to exact phrases which I now see being more complicated than necessary.

I will make a 00-99 list to use for this. I have a PAO Dominic list which I’ve played around with for a while, so you could say “just use that!” :wink: , but I want to really try the Major System to see how that works out for me too. Another tool in my toolbox or arrow in my quiver so to speak :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys!