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Hello Everyone, this tuesday I will teach a lesson about mnemotechniques. For sure I will explain the Major system, how to memorize shopping list and memorizing foreign words. For the end I will solve rubick’s cube Blindfold and memorize a deck of cards. Can you tell me what should I teach them more?

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Some other interesting topics for beginners are number shapes, number rhymes, general peg lists, and alphabet peg lists.


You could try and do calendar calculation…

Not sure I’ve you’ll have time to set up seven memory palaces for the 100 year codes, but you should be able to memorize the 12 month codes by then to be able to do the current year.

You could use that to show them mnemonics like “may-o-nnaise” for May = 0, etc. for the month codes or even the approach to year code memorization that I describe in the post above.

  • Pin numbers
    Some people still struggle to remember it.
    So perhaps using the major system you can also teach them how to memorise their own pin numbers.

  • Phone numbers.
    A lot of people still struggle to remember their own phone numbers.


If I will show them a major system they can use it for that.


Just learned about your lesson. I’m struggling to remember cards - still out - in a bridge hand. If your lesson might be of value to me, is it available.

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How did the lesson go? :slight_smile:


I did not do this lesson, because my teacher was ill.