Concussions and Slight head injuries

Many times in my life I have hit myself on my head, not intentionally of course. But I’m a bit confused if it’s safe or not cuz I have never lost consciousness. There’s no article on the internet about slight head injuries. The injuries had no effect on my learning, memory, logic etc. but I still have pain in my skull due to the injury I had a few days ago (not serious though). How can I prevent myself from getting head injuries? Are these risk-free?

Can you describe how you accidentally hit yourself on the head. Give some examples.


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Have you done some personality test to see where you are at wrt the big five? Because if it’s been going on all the time it’s a personality thing of maybe some type of reaction to something else.

If you are high on neuroticism then it’s not much you could do but you could make things a bit better by having a structure in your day and maybe, perhaps develop some type of routine. creat rules essentially.

If its a reaction, then you look at when it happens. You make a log and maintain an order of what, when, where, how and all the details. After enough time you see a pattern and then you address the pattern and fix it like that.

The solution is, it depends on what it is. Irregardless - you need to fix it! Head injury is no joke. Acute Sudural and Epidural hematoma kills 80% of people. It’s when you hit your head hard enough and then a blood vein brusts and pours blood between your skull bone and head membrane. within 12 hours it need to be fixed - otherwise you are smoked. chance is 1/5 for survival. look it up on wikipedia!

here on prognosis:


I was walking normally and got distracted by a bird. I was looking backward while walking forward and got hit by a wall.

Thanks for that I did not go to a doctor but having a daily routine helps me to be alert. As I had said that I never suffered a reaction but still I was a little scared. Daily memory training using memory palace also helps a lot.

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