Concept Maps and Mapping Software

Has anyone used concept maps for taking notes? They look like they’re related to mind maps.

Software links:

Here’s a study:

Abstract. The use of concept maps continues to grow worldwide, and users are consistently finding new applications and uses for the tool. However, we continue to observe difficulties in the use of the tool that seem to be consistent throughout countries and domains of use. Among them, we cite the difficulty in the construction and structure of propositions, the lack of a focus question to guide the construction of the map, and the tendency to construct descriptive as opposed to explanatory concept maps. In this paper we examine how an understanding of the foundations of concept mapping and the ability to ask good questions can aid in addressing these problems, resulting in a more effective use of concept maps.

Any thoughts on it?

HI Josh,

I used the Inspiration Mind Mapping program for my kids when homeschooling them for a while. I felt teaching the program was a chore on top of teaching them the concept of mind-mapping. I found it easier to draw it myself and have the kids draw theirs.

Maybe software is easier to use now. Have you found a good program that you use?


I don’t do that much mind mapping. When I do, I draw them by hand.

I wonder if drawing by hand would be more beneficial for kids, because it’s more creative and they can practice some art skills at the same time. :slight_smile: