Compacted memory palace

Good morning, I have a question about how I use the memory palace. Usually an entire house is used for 10 locis. I use a single room for the 10 loci, and each loci has more than one information. That is, in a single room I have 20 to 50 more or less information that I want to remember. I noticed that I get tired when I try to remember. Was it because of that? Should I dilute all that information even if it takes up a lot of space?

Hi @Hto,welcome to the forum.

Here are a couple of reasons as to why u r feeling drained out:

1.First reason is the simplest.U are new to this process of memorization.U will only become better with more practice.

2.The encoded information is too complex.Ideally, a single(or maybe two) image should be enough to encode a concept.If u stack too many images at a single locus,the ability to retrieve the information becomes more difficult,especially as a beginner.

Not a bad strategy IMO…After some practice,u will be able to stack more information in ur memory palace.

It’s the same for me. The more information I place in one room, the harder it is to remember (especially for long termin information). I rarely ever use more than 5 locations in one room if I memorize something for long term (unless I know the room extremely well and with great detail without any effort; then I sometimes use more than that). Everytime in the past, when I tried to force myself to put more information in one room than I was comfortable with, I either forgot the information eventually or it became so tiring to review that I just made a new palace for that information. You’ll probably have to try out how much information is too much, but you’ll soon figure out what works and what doesn’t.

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In that case I would make myself small, and imagine the room very big, then I would fly around, like an insect, imagining the details of each one of the locus of the room.