Color-Object System

Hi there!

I want to share with you a system I’m using.
I have 100 objects for 00-99 numbers (no matter how you form them, Mnenonic Major System or something else).
To extend the system to 4-digit I used colors.
07 is socks for me. In colors, 6 is red, 3 is white, 1 is black (you form own colors from 0 to 9).
Background goes first. Foreground is second.

Black Socks with white text is 1307.

Red Socks with white is 6307.

For Spanish, Italian and French people(Romance languages), color can be used after an object, i.e. red socks with white is 0763, and black socks with white text is 0713.

Also, when I color an object, I imagine material(color) of the objects.
If we add 100 categories for 2-digit objects, we can extend the system to 6-digit.

That’s all. So, what do you think about it?

I really like this! Nice job. My question is about your objects. All of my objects do not neatly fit into a background/foreground color scenario like you have shown. Did you select your objects explicitly with this in mind? I would need to start a new system to use something like this.

What do you do when you have fewer than four numbers? Let’s say you only need two numbers. How do you know to only use the object and not the colors?

Thanks, ptken.

I suppose we can use colors for any object which is not abstract. Give an example where you can’t use it.

If you need use a two-digit number, you can use a neutral object(which doesn’t exist in your 2-digit number system) and color that too. For me, the neutral object is a flag.

Flag of Denmark is 63.(6 is red and 3 is white)


Flag of Japan is 36


Or without the neutral object you can make the object from glass or ice (no color, just form)

Interesting idea I need more convincing though. My initial thoughts about this is that you could just as easily encode another 2 digit image in the time you take to assign colors to your image. Personally I feel like I would easily forget the colors or get them mixed up. Would this be any faster or easier than just making another image for the next digits?


It takes time to imaging an object in another colors, Major Mnemonic System takes time at the beginning too. Just need more practice.

I have tried this but I mix objects and scenes. I can see that other brains work in a different way.