Cleaning your memory palace


Hi everyone! I have been using memory palaces for over 4 years now - mostly during my school exams and I have three specific memory palaces dedicated to my study with thing only concerning one exam. BUT after all this time I have come accros a problem. I have to ‘clean’ my mind palaces after two or three exams. This becomes difficult when I want to use the mindpalace because there are still things which I recall from 2 years ago… My question is - without destroying the mindpalace or using the one just for ONE exam - how do I clean my mind palaces efficently? Love you all! Have a great day!

(Kamal Sharma) #2

The easiest\best solution would be to create more rooms in your palace if you are finding that you’re running out of space, and then not visiting a particular room for a longer period of time. A bit like a farmer rotates fields.

Another solution would be to have an image of the previous idea being destroyed. Burned, Drowned, Torn up, etc.

Sometimes brute force will work to. I.e. It doesn’t matter what you remember previously so long as when you revisit you highlight the new image.

Personally I wouldn’t try to “Clean” my palace, learning things for just an exam is a lot of effort for something you want to forget. I’d stick to one room per subject and keep hold of the knowledge forever.

(Silvio B.) #3

I wouldn’t actively clean a memory palace. Each time I tried this in the past, the images just got reinforced instead of deleted. I have not found a solution to “clean” the palaces efficiently.

I mostly use different memory journeys/palaces to learn for different exams now. So a memory palaces is not reused for different kinds of information (unless I really have forgotten the information naturally by not reviewing). For everyday things and for things I only want to keep short-term, I have some journeys prepared which I just don’t review, so I forget the information after like a week and can use them for other things again.

(ant) #4

i can’t remember which book it was in but i remember reading something about giving the same area a different theme (a bland room in your house with the themes of: being full of snow, water, plants, during the day, at night, etc)

I have not tried it yet