Clandestine facebook chat ;D

(c) #1

Right today i wanna invite everyone who have results in remember digits/cards/abstract images/normalphotos/namesandfaces/anymemorysports competition ,who exist. And who can still have progress there , who just is able to use memory technic sucessfully and get progress there (not random person who have read book and think oo i can romanian room and regular workout isn’t important , but persons who really practice it , u musn’t have Pr0 results but u must understand how it work (and still get better and better times) I invite u to fb chat for ppl who want to learn languages enormously fast (after few years practice and ready systems and schemes not excluded fastest at all earth . We will do stuffs who really work (not like garbage 1000words xDDD or handicapped reaction time when u creating sentences) We will do things who aren’t pleasant and easy and needn’t practice ;D this is seriously chat for seriously ppl who will hard and smart work and get true results . PS if u aren’t interest about langs but u want have group who will train avarage memory competitions and have progress there u 'd boldly write to me i will also create chat for it but this is hardest to find partners ;x