Chromebook and numbers

hi :slight_smile:
i have a little pb with " Numbers" and numbers on my keaboard …

when i want to push on - for shift my numbers on left , a 6 appears too ( because 6 and - are on the same button (key) and i suppose numbers are activated by default …

So my question is : can i shift with another key ? of course i am ok for anothers solutions :slight_smile:

best regards Guigon Olivier

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I have a chrome book and there is a ^ on the number 6 key. There is an extra function of this key: ŵhen you press shift and 6 and than 6 again you get ⁶ (so a small number used for footnotes or exponents like X * X = X²; the first shift and 6 combination does not have any result by itself), or when you press 7 instead of the last 6 you get ⁷.

6 = press 6 key;
^ (or -) = shift + 6 and again shift + 6;
⁶ = shift + 6 and again 6 or 7 or 8 for ⁷ or ⁸

I hope this was somewhat helpful.

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Is it a French AZERTY keyboard with a 6 key like this?


Do the numbers shift at the same time the 6 appears?

Thx Erik :slight_smile: i knew that i could press SHIFT + 6 , and the result is 6 or -

and the pb is 6 appears when i just want to press -

( i will find a solution , maybe but unfortenely, your tip can’t help me now , but maybe later ! )

i have an ASUS Chromebook , different than yours i suppose …

ok :slight_smile: thx a lots Erik , i will try another tips ( maybe another keaboard or browser ? )

hi Josh :slight_smile: thx a lots for you help … Yes , i have a french AZERTY keaboard and the key with 6 is with - and | ( like your said with your picture )


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and i see another pb :slight_smile: when i want to erase a number , i must be in the number before :
for ex , if i had 789 and i want to erase 7 , i must be on the 8 and press <–
GRR :slight_smile:

At the moment there is no other key to shift recall left. We could add one, though. Any suggestions as to what would be the best alternative?

Do you also have a Delete key, or only Backspace? Usually Backspace deletes whatever is to the left of the cursor, so if you type 123, then press Backspace, the 3 is deleted.

If you have a Delete key, that should delete the currently selected number in Memory League.


hi Simon :slight_smile: very good idea :slight_smile: maybe the key could be :

  1. W for left and X for right
  2. G and H
  3. or any free key : ALT GR ? or CTRL? or Arrows ? …

ok :slight_smile: best regards ! :slight_smile:

  1. I have only baskspace ( <-- on keaboard’ left )
  2. i dont have a Delete key ! ( strangely :slight_smile: )

i am agree with you : when i press backspace, i erase on the left of the cursor …
As i dont have delete key , i can 't delete just on the cursor … GRRRR

pay attention Simon:
when i press A, or W or D

A : left
D : Right
W : UP

I don’t have a delete key either; I imagine they traded this key for another one.

In the warehouse I work they traded old handheld computers/scanners for smartphones and the thing is that these things don’t have a backspace “key”, so when you scan the wrong barcode during some logistical process you have to get the cursor in the right position with arrow keys and than use the delete key; very time consuming and annoying considering some idiot(s) put the location barcodes to close to oneanother on the rackings.

By the way in case you are wandering about my chrome book, it’s an Acer (best laptop I ever had; i don’t get paid for saying this :grinning:).

thx Erik :slight_smile: i found a solution for delete on chrome book :

To delete the character after the cursor on a Chromebook, press ALT + BACKSPACE

strange but this work !


i have Chromebook Asus C433TA-AJ0043 14" Intel Pentium … and quasi all is good for me :

  1. start fast
  2. big battery / autonomy
  3. very mobile ( because light )
  4. i have all my file and folder in line ( may be a pb sometimes … )

the only pb could be :

  • the color of key ( black on undergroud grey) … but you can uses leds …
  • somtimes i typing and my cursor go up ( maybe a pb because of me , if i touch accidentely my touchpad ? )

Wow, never occurred to me to search for this option. I’m going to try this on our warehouse smartphones.

That is is the reason for all my typos when I post something here at night :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if they got that idea from Macs. On a Mac there is only a backspace key (labeled “delete”). I just looked up how to do a forward delete on Mac, and it looks like fn+delete.