Choosing images for the system

I have a hard time in choosing suitable images for my system (Major -1000 images) :frowning:

1- How to choose the images (the standards-ideas)?
2- If I going to create 2 card system 2704 images how to double 1000 image to 2704 ?
3- any suggestion about links-movies …etc that can help ?

The first trouble to make the major with 1000 images is that there aren´t words for three digits so, you have a problema.
The best idea I got is to use the 100 major, and adding 10 images easy to link.
If you need more, the best , in my opinion, is learning PAO.

I already built the 1000 word but the problem in collecting the images
ex: Justice as a word, shall I choose scale - Judge - Judge Hammer image ?
that’s why I asked about (the standards-ideas) to choose properly per word, cuz I suffer from repeat images like eagle - hawk and the same action hunt things, and I dunno how to deal with it

Which one is the first one that comes into your head? If you like that image, then use the one that your brain gravitates towards. If you don’t like that one, then choose the next one on the list and try to strengthen the association.

For similar images, like eagle and hawk, you could change one of them:

eagle => bald eagle
hawk => Hawkeye

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Thanks Josh
I have to be more flexible with a creative spirit.

I feel like a lot of people get caught up with the most obvious case–a correspondence with a like-sounding noun–and they neglect other useful associations. I use the Ben system, but the same principles can be adapted for your case. Here are a few techniques that I used (in addition to the one I just mentioned):

Linking phonemes with adjectives which in turn are linked with characters or objects
ex: pech → petulant, adj → a child

Omitting letters while combining words
ex: lors → little seahorse
ex: skoof → school food

Omitting letters within a single word
ex: rog → frog
ex: rown → crown

Associating phonemes with like-sounding nouns
ex: skord → accordion

Associating phonemes with words or phrases which in turn are linked with nouns
ex: tAf → take flight → Rocky (the squirrel)

Contriving names based on phonetic associations relating to size or nature of an object (This is basically the lowest level of mnemonic usefulness, but I found it necessary to complete the list while still maintaining good image quality.)
ex: hEk → a fictional insect featuring a large pointed end (The sharpness of the consonant k suggests a point to me.)
ex: rir → a colo claw from Star Wars (The symmetry of the consonants suggests a creature with bilateral symmetry and hooks.)

Those are just a few techniques that I used. There are quite a few more.

edit I should add that it’s important to always consider how memorable the image is and how well it lends itself to interactions with other images. Discrete images are also preferred, as they work better with the method of loci.

last edit Damn. I just saw the date on the OP. I’m quite late. :frowning: Well hopefully somebody else will find this useful.


No worries, I think the forum is automatically resurrecting old posts, by design I assume. I found your approach very useful, thank you for the explanation!


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