Choosing a memory system

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I’m a new guy here and i’d like to ask you guys about picking a system to memorize a deck o’ cards. I’m aiming to memorize the whole deck in under 60 seconds. Which one should I use: “One card, one image”, a PAO system or Ben System ?
I was thinking about Ben Pridmore System because it’s a double card system but the thing is that Ben System is based on english sounds, which is not my mother tongue (it’s actually brazilian portuguese). One card, one image looks a bit slow and PAO seems to be the best in my case. Anyway, I’d like your help to decide which one is the most appropiate for me.

If you guys know another double-card system that doesn’t involve sounds (at least, non-portuguese sounds) please let me know !

There are several options. Here is what I could find.

Simple 52 image/1 card system with two images per locus. This system is a favorite among some of the top athletes. I believe that a lot of the Chinese competitors use this system. You have to go through your loci at breakneck speed. Furthermore top who use this system make it into a sort of a 2704 images system. They have every possible combination of images thoroughly memorized. So they need not think about the interaction between the two images, they learned those beforehand.

PAO. Used by Joshua Foer of the book moonwalking with Einstein. He trained with this system for a year and his time was 100 seconds at the tournament at the end of the book. He trained for an hour per day during that year.

The Ben system. The legend Ben Pridmore introduced this system and was the first with a two card system. He uses three images per locus. Making the system is a lot of work. Achieving automaticity even more.

The block system. This is a variant of the Ben system. It halves the amount of images to 1353. Every locus has a block of cards that start with the same colour. Read the link below on the shadow system for an explanation how you make a list of images for the block system. Alex Mullen and several others use this system.

Shadow system (see link). The first part gives you a method for making a list of 1352 images. The second part explains the shadow system. This system was created by Lance Tschirhart. Also a top athlete and holder of the world record in spoken numbers.

I think that at the moment the simple 1-card system and the block/shadow system are the most popular. Here a link to a list of top athletes in speed cards.

Thank you so much !

how can i achieve that “breakneck speed” ? it’s olny by practicing over and over again or are there some gold tips to speed up my walk through the memory palace ?

choose either block system or 1 card system.

First off it is a lot of practice. On the short run set goals towards the amount of time Practicing. You want to do a deck of cards under a minute. But you have little control over that on the short run. You can control the amount of Practice.

When practicing I try to do two basic things that are proven to work. First is spacing your practice. That means practicing often is better. Four times 15 minutes gives more progress than a single 60 minute practice. Try to have at least two moments per day. The other is variation. It helps you learn faster and it keeps your mind more active. For example do not only practice entire decks but try other excersices. For example try to memorise without review. Go through the cards once, at first with less than 52 cards. It keeps practice more interesting when you vary excersices and learning in the long run is stronger.

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Thanks for your advice! I think i’ll start by training only recognization speed with Memo52 and i’ll also begin to train other disciplines like numbers and maybe faces & names or poetry.