Chinese primary education: the survival of the fittest


The education system of China is bifurcated into various levels, about 3 years of kindergarten, 6 years of primary school and lastly, 3 years of secondary education.

The same is further followed by few years of higher education.

There are local education authorities and even private enterprises that generally run kindergarten and primary schools.

A typical school year in China comprises two semesters and runs from the month of September to July.


Students attend classes five days a week and primary school education has 9 compulsory courses, which includes Chinese, Math, English, Social Studies, Nature, Physical Education, Music, Fine Art, and Labor Studies.

To become a graduate, its mandate for students to pass graduation examinations in the subjects of Chinese and Math.

It is crucial for Chinese kids to hit the ground running when they start primary school. Achieving good grades from a very young age will help students get into a good school in later life.

This is why there is so much pressure on children to perform academically as they start school.

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