Chess openings

Are there any chess players in this forum that uses memory techniques for remembering chess openings? Are there any good methods for doing this?

In chess it is common to learn chess openings in order to get a good start/not make simple mistakes in the beginning of the game. Of course the number of possible positions out of the start will branch really quickly, so one only memorize the most common opening moves, but the branching might still be quite large.

For example, the Ruy Lopez opening is

  1. e4 e5
  2. Nf3 Nc6
  3. Bb5

Now black has multiple options, for example Nge7 or a6, so the memory technique has to handle the branching in some way. I wonder what a good way to handle this would be…



I’m not sure if any of these posts will answer you question, but there are some discussions here:

Chess is a game about power and intelligence. Knowledge is power, efficient and effective use of knowledge is your intelligence.

I think of two ways, the second would suffice to memorize entire games:

  1. Good and maybe enough for even going professional.

Pure imagery plus memory palaces for the long term: simply look as the notations and take as much movements as you see fit, convert the moves into images and place them in a mental place. For instance: First move could be an image created for whatever inspire you, arbitrary or creative impulse to visualize from e4 e5 and place that image in a spot, then the same for the next Nf3 Nc6 and the rest…

This first method could even be better than the second, however the second could give you more oportunities for either other games or activities in which the memorization of letters a-h, digits 1-8 could come in handy.

  1. I don’t recommend this, if you don’t plan in memorize plenty in short time and for serious activity.

In this method you would make pegs for coordinates letter-digit (a-1/h-8), images for the pieces and for the actions: capture, check, checkmate, King’s and Queen’s castle, stalmate and even draw. Although the pegs can be as complex as you want, you could aid yourself from memorized number list like 0-9 or 00-99, ignoring zeroes and nines (obviously :)).

The process of memorization would then be, visualizing pegs + actions and place them in mental places. (Method of loci is the best technique for absolute long term and more if you ever hope to teach others)

Involving taken the letters as digits from a-h = 1-8, then “e4 e5” becomes “54 55”. Pegs organizations:


64 pegs for 11-88 coordinates.(Objects, good option)
5 pegs for the pieces. (Entities, good option)
8 pegs for the letters a-8 for when pawns capture (Animals, good option)
2 pegs for the castles (Entities, good option)
3 pegs for actions: capture, check and checkmate (sword kill, arrow shoot, explosion)

See ya!