CHESS MOVES Memorization

I use this thing I’m about to share for a totally different purpose, but I basically convert the moves into a major system.

I use it for something I call the 5Head challenge where I play games of chess blindfolded, while solving rubik’s cubes blindfolded and memorizing decks of cards simultaneously(Twitch).

Here’s the list I use to remember the move order of games, you could theoretically use this to remember opening theory for various openings or for famous games you’d like to recall from memory. Hope this helps.


Awesome, this is what I’ve been looking for for a while! Thanks :slight_smile:

@Upendi, you have a great straight-forward system. It makes me want to return to playing chess again. How do you traverse the moves? Maybe you place your and your opponent’s move in a palace location or walk through a journey? Or do you create a story between the moves?

I put them in a journey, this is really only useful for remembering move orders but it’s pretty consistent.

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I have to ask because it is bugging me, what is the point or purpose behind this?

Just for the challenge of it. I’ve done 3 games of chess, 3 decks of cards and 9 rubik’s cubes on stream. Eventually the goal will be to play 8 games blindfolded, doing 64 cubes blindfolded and memorizing 8 decks simultaneously.

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Are you playing classic or lightning?

Wow I’m watching your twitch video right now and it is pretty impressive. This must help you calculate if you just play one chess game. You can see the calculation variations on three different boards in your head and pick the one you like. Thanks for sharing this with us :slight_smile:

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I might have a bit of a bizarre idea. I going to make memory board images like the Winter Counts using my PAO as the base of the spiral and have 66 images around the boarder as the images. I am planning on encoding the 5 x 99 Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings as part of this as songs maybe because there are only so many starts and then it just extra verses.

This “trick” (I prefer to call it cheating) has been known for hundreds of years. Someone tried to use it on Alekine and Bogojubov in 2 simultaneous correspondence games and they saw through it pretty quickly. More recently Derren Brown used it against some British titled players who all had to give fake interviews pretending they had no idea how he did it, when it’s fearly obvious and well known trick in the chess world.

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Not sure about that Darren is one of us so could have done it in a way that got past them.

AFAIK Derren is an accomplished mnemonist, but he doesn’t seem to have a clue about chess. The way he did the trick was very obvious, even to much weaker chess players. For example, he sat and watched his opponent play 1.e4, nodded his head and then walked to the next board without moving - essentially giving away what he was doing.

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Will have to find it to watch it however it would be his moves that give it away I would have thought.