Chemistry and mnemonics

Hi every one. My name is Jan Ivan Hansen and I teach chemistry and biology at Herlufsholm boarding school, in Denmark. I have worked with memory, study skills and mnemonics for about 10 years and have written two books in Danish on the subject together with Ole G. Terney, who is a biologist and science journalist. The books are mainly about how to use mnemonics to learn chemistry and biology.
Many students find it difficult to remember the subject matter even after they have worked thoroughly with the substance. Here, mnemonics can often advantageously be used to patch the holes in the memory.

Best regards
Jan Ivan Hansen
MSc. in chemistry and biology


Hello, my name is Andrey Yavkin. I am in 10th grade and I have a big problem in memorizing chemistry. And it’s already the 2nd day that I’m looking for information about chemistry. But nobody talked about chemistry except you. You are my golden find. But the fact is that I live in Kyrgyzstan and I can’t buy your books (I don’t even know what they are called). So please, could you give me them, I reeeally need them.


I did a quick search using the authors’ names. Not sure if it is available outside Denmark. Anyway, the book appears to be written in Danish.

Perhaps people on this website could help you if you gave them an idea of what you are having trouble with, long with some examples.

Sir we do not understand chemistry please help me by doing chemistry

Here’s the link of my article. I posed my problem there.

Here’s his book in English.


Excellent. I am very happy you found it.

Incidentally, the book he refers to in the title, “Make It Stick” (by Brown, Roediger and McDaniel) is excellent as well.

I have commented on it in previous posts on this website.

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