Check out "Math - Quiz Game"

It is amazing app to improve your mathematical skills a
It contains many levels.
In worldwide Ranking
First time in this app simple questions are asked than tough questions will come.


Tried it out. Great game. Good graphics.
I like the fact that if you reach a certain score you can play against others.

First impression of the level of difficulty.
After about 10 minutes I reached level 7 and I still get ‘1+1’ or ‘2^2’.
I think at ghat level the questions should be more difficult.
However; I will play for a while more to see if the questions really become difficult.

It should.

Now, I am in level 119

in maths quiz game
And in one type of complex no. Questions I am confused that how can do fast in mentally
Can you suggest me, How can I do that ?

I don’t understand your question. Can you give examples?

You can see my question in image of above picture?

Any method that works fast and do mentally

Math sometimes if you are smart you can do scramble and still fast because you can correct it self, but maybe i need some sequence to do some fast

Oh now I understand.
(The word ‘complex’ made me think of imaginary numbers.)

You mean how do I calculate the questions from the pictures?

In general we have:


this is the same as:

\frac{a}{b} * \frac{d}{c}

Your picture starts with:


this is the same as:

\frac{8}{3} * \frac{9}{4}

(observe the reversal of the 4 and the 9)

= \frac{9}{3} * \frac{8}{4}

= 3 *2

This method , I also know .
I think that you know other fast way to do this .
But thanks for answering my questions. :+1::+1::+1:

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