Channel 4 - Can I Improve My Memory?

Has anyone seen this programme?
Strangely interesting in that the main thing that you would think would affects learning is desire to learn a subject however that does not seem to matter at all.
Not sure if it a must see however they have done a couple of things I have not seen before and reinforced how certain things work.
Would love to get hold of the information they are learning.


Ok, something confusing happened in episode 2. Ed Cooke said he was going to teach them the memory palace technique and then did a journey around the library space they were in.
I have been getting increasingly confused with how these 2 techniques work.
It actually made perfect sense to use the journey technique as they were memorising speeches so something you wanted to recall in a specific order like a deck of cards.
I think of a memory palace as a container of pegs or loci so a place to store retrievable information.
As Ed Cooke knows a lot more than me about all of this I am left once more slightly baffled.