Change Mind Palaces loci according to their use

I’ve been talking with some memory champions, and it seems like they are using different ways for creating their mind palaces. With this post I am gonna talk mostly about the number of loci per Room.
I find very useful to have a defined numbers of them (usually 5 per room , or multiples of 3) inside every palace I use for different topics and subjects, so that i can navigate through the information very easily and fast.
I am using those palaces because I find myself very familiar with them and i can use them again and again by cleaning the rooms or changing the conditions of them ( it’s raining, it’s snowing, it’s autumn so everything is covered in leaves etc.).
Now, i have a problem. When i don’t wanna use them for study i try to use them for speed numbers and cards, but i find that most of the time the loci are kinda too much closer one to another, so the room gets stuffed with people and i can’t be fast enough to store them with good times.
By talking to memory champions, i’ve found that many of them use 3 loci per room, 5 if they are really big. I want to know from this community how do you deal with information-storing-loci and speed-memory- challenges-loci and how they differ one from another.
I use PAO for my speed numbers and cards, so having 5 or six people in the same room can be kinda hard, but i still wanna use those rooms since they are very familiar and easy to clean .
PS. I still don’t understand if it’s better to have 1:1 people inside the loci or make them smaller version of themselves to store them without taking too much space. So far i ve tried to make them interact with the loci using just gravity, like their feets on the keys of a piano(locus) or bending the shelves of a library . Since it’s a PAO the action is made over an object, so i can think about the interaction with the Locus only by thinking about the consequence of the action on the object, like blendering a zombie head and making a green liquid fall on the locus.
PPS: i know my english is very bad, so if something is not clear please ask me. I would love to explain it in another way :slight_smile:


I connect my images to loci, not to my memory palace. That means I rarely see 5 people in one room because I never even see 1.

I might ask myself, what is the next locus? Oh, the bookshelf. Then everything but the bookshelf vanishes and bill gates appears. I know my loci so well that I no longer need the palace to place images at them


thank you for giving me your pov. I’ll check if it works for me :slight_smile:

so, trying with your method works well, but when i find myself with loci that are similar in the same palace (like two WC in two bathrooms) they get confused very easily. how do you deal with that ?

Usually there is a feeling to a room. Maybe one is small and tight while the other is spatious, maybe even near a bathtub which could mean that there are different sounds connevted with that room. Maybe one is more dirty than the other, which can be used to make it stand out. Maybe one has the toiletpaper facing the right way while the other always faces the wrong way.