Career crisis

Anyone have a great resource for discovering a career that you love? There are so many sites out there on the web and so many books I really don’t know where to start. I’ve been an accountant for 25+ years, and I can’t stand it anymore. I used to have some amount of passion and talent for the job, but I swear, if I have to perform another Balance Sheet reconciliation, or make some journal entry to accrue a liability, or comply with some stupid SOX test I think my head is going to explode. I can’t even bring myself to study my yearly Continuing Education requirements for my CPA license. I just totally don’t care anymore if this report doesn’t tie to that report. My latest job pays great and has great benefits, but I haven’t looked forward to coming to work in a long time. Lately, I actually have bad dreams about work, and my blood pressure can’t take it. I have a micro-managing boss who has no concept of a work-life balance, and who has never once asked me about my children and how they’re doing.

One of my daughters possibly has dyslexia, and I can’t hardly concentrate on anything anymore, except working on memory and thinking and reading about dyslexia. We are having her tested tomorrow, but I think the tests are going to reveal she has some form of dyslexia, and if so, we’re probably going to move to a larger city with resources to handle this. Maybe some place like Asheville or Charlotte.

I’m sorry for such a rant, but I’m hoping some of you out there may have had a career crisis, and can give me some pointers. I’m turning 50 next month, and I dread starting over, but I’ve got to do something. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

I wish I could offer some advice in that area, but I haven’t always had the greatest luck with jobs.

If you found a similar job in a new city with a better work environment could it help bring back some interest in the subject? I’ve had bosses that we’re terrible, but things became a little better once they were removed. Doing freelance work is similar for me—if I’m stuck with difficult clients, it’s nearly unbearable. With good clients, it’s okay. For me, a lot depends on the environment.

I’ve been through a career crisis. One thing that helped me was to read books on entrepreneurialism.

Do you have any desire to work for yourself? It’s a great way to develop as an individual.

In the meantime, my accountability partner has a website that talks a lot about making big changes in your life:

Check it out. She has a great Facebook group you can join and discuss these matters.

I also have a course with Jonathan Levi called Branding You and we have a much smaller FB group to discuss these matters too.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

A career counsellor may help with your journey forward. Doing what you love, and loving what you do is important in life. Define what your passions are!
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Great advice, you guys. Thanks for your help and for caring.

I'm turning 50 next month, and I dread starting over, but I've got to do something.

Why would it be ‘starting over’? It’s not like you can rewind what you’ve done. It’s just that you’ve done one thing, fairly successfully by the sounds of it, and now you’re going to do something else.

It would be a massive drop in earnings, but what about teaching, adults or little ones?

So that was 2 years ago, what happened since then ? Did you find another better job ?
You (or other readers) might be interested in 80,000 hours.
They’re part of the Effective Altruism community, and the idea behind their articles and career guide is to find the career that will do the most good, not to yourself but to humanity.

I did find a MUCH better job. Still accounting, but for a non-profit that helps people find housing, and I get to make top level decisions instead of mechanical accounting, and I have a boss that is extremely understanding about my children, and even goes out of his way to accomodate my schedule with them. I get to help people that are low-income, and it’s so much more fulfilling than working for an auto manufacturer trying to squeeze pennies out of every tiny car part. I’m getting to the point where I’m also considering (now that I’ve got some competitions under my belt) of doing some memory classes, or tutoring in math or low brass (I play trombone in some local concert bands). Thanks for asking!