Cards Time


When you guys memorized your first deck of cards, how long did it take you, and how accurate were you? How long did it take you to get faster? Do you have any tips besides just trying to memorize the cards a bunch of times?


I’ve just gotten started, and my first attempt, playing it super safe, was 11:46.

In three days I’ve gotten down to 9:22, and I had a 6 cards off attempt today that was 7:15.

I’m not an expert by any means, but one thing I’ve noticed really improves my recall is creating super vivid images, instead of just “My Grandpa is in our Fuse box” (Grandpa is a card, Fuse box is a location), if I do something like “My Grandpa cut his finger fixing the Fuse box” it is much easier to remember it quicker, and easier to recall. When i have spare time I’ll also just pick up 10 cards and try to remember what their associations are as quickly as possible.

Hope this helps!


Thanks! It’s good to know how someone else started out!

(R.M. Dott) #4

My best is something like 3/4 of a deck correct in over 10 minutes (not remembering the exact amount of seconds…45 maybe?). you’re not alone in your beginner-ness!

(Lueqiu Chen) #5

My first attempt took 19:50 with accuracy (43/52). I spent a great amount of time figuring out the corresponding image for each card which slowed me down.

(Lynne Kelly) #6

My first full deck took 37 minutes but I got all 52. I am amazed that you were all so much faster. I got it down to 8 minutes in competition (52 correct, then some of the second deck in the 10 minutes), but it took months. I was training in all the disciplines, but I am much slower than others I guess. I have always had a really bad memory which is what brought me to this field. Logic was good, memory appalling.