Cards - My progress stats PAO - can someone can analyze my results?

I’m using PAO In the way that most of the actions and objects include the letters from Major System (example 65 JoLie JaiL JoLly)
What is worrying me the most is the fact that I’m not recalling 100% of all the cards. Lately, I didn’t practice but today I made a check on how well I will perform, and even that I had around month brake still there are similar results.

One interesting observation:
I also found that when I’m putting 3 cards in one locus sometimes I’m running into a situation that I’m forgetting for example person and… because of the rest things were attached to the person - boom - all loci is empty. Not nice. But when for example I will show the first card from loci to myself - then boom I bringing rest 2 cards (but… not always). Sometimes I see person and I don’t see any action or object. I have felt like it works more like a link. But strangely enough, sometimes I remember action and object but forgetting a person. Or recalling person but forgetting object and action.

Can someone check my stats and say if that is normal to not recall so much? My goal is that I want to go to 100% recall. Give tips, give advice :slight_smile:
Please help!

Here is my log:

Here I was testing how fast I will read the “story” from cards without memorization:

Focus and practice the translation of card to images u will become faster and faster Pao is all about the quick translation as u don’t really focus too much on the linking between the images like major system

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What I have to say will seem obvious but hear me out: you seem to recall a higher number of cards when you take more time (I recognise the statistical asterisks required but the casual reasoning is strong enough for me to give some advise to a stranger on the internet)

Given this, if you’ve never memorised a full deck correctly before and want to hit that milestone, it may be worth deliberately taking far more time. Maybe run through the cards a few times - whatever you need to do to reach that goal.

Also, in case you don’t do this already, try getting a second deck and sorting that one out into order, rather than just calling out the cards. Sometimes seeing the remaining cards spread out will jog something in your memory

The obvious further advise just in case:

How many palaces do you have? You can never have too many, tired locations can become unusable after a while, as they get haunted - locations get images like ghosts coming back from previous runs.

Get on memory league. The cards section will allow you to monitor/improve your progress at memorising smaller portions of a deck, allowing you to practice with more intensity

Do you memorise things other than cards? Most of this stuff you can get better at by memorising images/words, focus on improving your visualisations and tying them to the loci

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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