Cards improvements [edited!]

I’ve been trying to learn my cards system better than ever before, mind you, it’s still relatively new, so knowing it better on any given day than the day before is rather normal … but, yeah, I’ve been putting in the hours. And it’s paying off so far. Right beofre the french champs, I was at the minute mark and occasionally slightly under (58-59s) with a one-off at 52 seconds. Now I’m already regular at 55s and almost managed my first sub-50s.

The best part? The stories seem to stick way better than back in March, so I guess that the Numbers practice sessions where I’ve been trying to link the images to the loci as memorably as possible have had an effect on the Cards events too. I’m hoping to be (regularly) under 40s before the autumn and the swedish championships. That’d be fun and would keep me in the sport a bit longer :slight_smile:

Otherwise, the Scandinavian ML is coming up, less than two weeks now! Time to work on Images, Words and Names … and Numbers … and Cards … hmm.

And less than 24 hours later, this happened:

PB by 6 seconds!! Yipee-doo!

And again, 24 hours later: 40.94s :slight_smile: About 11 seconds worth of improvement in just two days!!