Card Images stuck in my head

I can memorize 36 cards in 60s but I have a problem. After finishing a practice session , these cards images are stuck in the palace , so the next session my score goes to 22 , this happens with almost everything loci based. But these card images are hard to clean
I use PPO method , still working on A .
I have to wait few hours before practicing again
Any tips will be helpful


Yes thats ghosting… Maybe try to use or create other memory palaces ?
I have the same probleme than you but I know it’s because I’m limited to one palace per discipline

You can try to use another palace or extend your palace to the double locis more and you put your next journeys on the next locis (idk if this is clear…)


Hi Yogi,

In the future, try using a different memory tool other than Loci.

People use it too much in this forum from what I see.

Link and Peg and Card mutilation work just fine.



I have 24 locations for cards. I do 6 each AM & PM. Give a day rest in between for locations. Never have a problem.

Generally speaking if you want to remember something you learn it then review 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, 3 month & 6 month. So if you you use the same palace on the same day or next day it’ll usually stick. So to not remember something I would try the inverse of that. (Use many palaces and break from them after use for 24 hours)


I barely have one, need to make more of these

I get it man , so you mean combine journey s right?

Damn I haven’t heard anything like that , thanks ill now check those out asap

Card mutilation is a good way to go

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very ez. for me I just use hotel rooms/airbnbs. usually quick journey and theyre better if you only go once and never back. using a journey that you continue to visit hasnt worked well for me