Card deck memorisation - post your times here!

Alright, Shasan and I are taking over this thread to push each other to sub - 20s :slight_smile: we’ve warned each other that we have other important things to do at the moment, but hopefully this will help motivate us!

Post-Christmas baseline : Sylle: 23.78 / Shasan: 23.22


The game is on! :slight_smile:


That’s ridiculously fast. Good luck to both of you! :slight_smile:


2:51 is impressive. I assigned a famous person for each card and used 52 locations in my house. I walk thru it and recall all 52 cards successfully. I was very happy and my wife was very impressed with me. But the problem was It took me 17 to 18 minutes to do it. May be , my technique is a slow one. So, I want to switch to PAO method. will that improve my time ?

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I don’t claim to be an authority on the subject, but I think anybody would agree that a 52-image system can be very effective. With practice, times below 30 seconds are definitely possible. If you’re considering switching to PAO, I would start by gathering some data comparing times of people from each group (52 images and PAO). If you find that PAO is consistently favored, then maybe make the transition. Honestly though, I doubt there’s much difference between the two as far as viability.

Thanks for your input. Iam going to stick to it. Currently, my time is a embarrassing 18 minutes. But I love the technique.I will work on it and let you know the progress.


Got back to mnemonics after a year off! Life got in the way…

I’m going to practice intensely the next week.

Today I memorized 23 cards in 60 seconds and
reviewed my images 40 times.

Totally burned out.
Goal: break sub50 in 1 month.


Such an insane baseline ! It will be interesting to follow your progress.

Also can you detail which technique you use to memorize ?

And happy new year to all of you !

Hey, that’s impressive !
How did you review your images ?
Did you do it in one row or did you spread that over the day ?
I’m also trying to improve that aspect of my technique.
I would appreciate some tips ! :slight_smile:

Corbanicum, use ctrl+f and type JoeMantegna, you will find the entire method I used to get sub20 in 20 days doing only 3 decks a day.

The thing you wan’t to do if you want to get better is insanely get out of your comfort zone. That way your brain can adapt. That’s what I did.

If it’s hard, you are getting better.

If itsn’t, you are doing it wrong. (If you want to improve fast)

But It was too much.

I improved my image recognition? Yes. A lot. Like from 1:00 to 27 in 50 minutes.

But yesterday and today I couldn’t focus at ANYTHING. My focus ability was completely depleted. And I had some insane brain fogs and some stupid mistakes trough the day (placed my house key in my refrigerator for no reason)

I usually read 1-2 hours a day, but today I couldn’t even read 5 pages correctly.

So, please, don’t review your 52 images 40 times in a single sitting and don’t follow that

Best tip you can get to improve fast is to meditate 20 min a day. Guaranteed.
I started to meditate almost the same time I started with memory practice, and when I started I just dropped my time like a rocket.(edit: wat, dropping like a rocket??)

If you want the real example, I was at 5min plateau for a week and started meditating day 14 (20min headspace).
day 16 I was at 4:48
and the same day I reached 2:58
and day 20 I reached sub2 min
26 I was at 1:12

It’s all documented here in this thread

Not even talking about the other 1000+ real life benefits aswell.

Start meditating today

Also, play on memoryleague. You will practice 10x faster.


Always be Replacing your images until you have a solid system.

And do with close images. Like, If you are an anime addict, please don’t use celebrities, etc…

Today practice:

Practiced (tried) and couldn’t do anything. The only thing I did was memorizing 28 decks in 60 seconds and then feeling really tired.

But hey! At least I had some progress…

And if you want a little hack to improve your time instantly, raw memorize the 3 cards before the last and don’t look at the last card.
Put them in the memory palace in the recovery time.

EDIT: Today I completely recovered and did 30 cards in 60 seconds

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I could finally muster a sub-30 today, 29,18s, first time since Vienna, after which I took a bit of time off. My previous Cards strategies seemed to lead to my losing a lot of speed and confidence after just a few days off. I’m working on new ways of keeping my images fresh and consistent without needing to worry as much about taking days off, we’ll see.

My cards system is a combination of the two-block system and the concept of shadows. You can find it described here if you’re interested: Two-card system with Shadows and variable linking strategy

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Ok, I’m back down to 27,84s now with a close attempt at 25.6s. I’m really happy because of the much lower amount of cards training that I’ve done in the past few weeks, compared with the pre-Vienna levels, might be on to something :slight_smile:

Edit: slowly but surely … 26.52s. Two successful decks under 30s and two tricky ones over 30s. Not completely stable yet!

Edit 2: marginal improvement again for 2019: 26.23s. Sub-twenty will take a while!

Edit 3:a bit better today, a tad luck on the grab, but the rest felt quite good :slight_smile:


Long time no post here :stuck_out_tongue: Getting closer to the target!

@Shasan, your move now :slight_smile:


What method are you using, Sylle?

I transitioned from a large system with shadows to a more classic two-block system about two months ago.


in memory league 45 seconds. with real cards and cube timer 54 seconds

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New record today 50 seconds !


Hello, my best time is 3:59 using 1 place for each card
52 locations


So I had at some point learnt a 52 images system and trained for not very long indeed and never even attempted a full deck. This was many years ago. Today, I wrote up a new 52 image system and made a 26 loci journey. I have experience in blind solving for the rubik’s cube, so I knew I could do it. Got 9:48. Not bad, hopefully get that down a lot, like I did my cubing times, practising over the next few weeks and perfecting my images and journey. Slowest time on the leaderboard, but I’m still happy with it!


Not pretty during recall, but a PB is a PB I guess!