Card deck memorisation - post your times here!



Oh, I see. I’ll be keen on hearing about your next PB soon! Meanwhile, you might as well surprise your classmates with this unique skill :wink:


What the ****, I clocked at 29.44s and switched 2 cards. Badluck, I really know what the cards were and I did recall pretty smoothly but made mistake for being so fast on recall. I should have taken my time to rearrange it more carefully. Anyways 31.01s New PB!


Whaaaaat! So you don’t practise for a week and still get better all the same haha! Fantastic, man. Looks like we’re almost neck to neck at this point. Sub-30s is anybody’s game now! Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I wont be able to practice speed cards for a very long time, I want keep my 100% focus on school. Yeah I didnt practice for the whole week but I did 21 decks straight to get under 32 secs and another 21 to get 29s in a day.


I am there! Sub-30s is now a reality for me! Just attempted a couple of decks and well, 29.19s is my new PB :smiley: Thanks for adding the friendly competitive spirit to this target which I’m certain has motivated me to push my limits :slight_smile:

(Praveen sharma) #1288

Hi Guys ,
I am new to memorising cards event but i have very interesting story (dramatic) of my progress in speed cards
First of all i introduce u all with my system , i use Poa( congruent to Pao) with my own designed phonetic codes in my own language hindi .
I began speed cards on 25th July 2018 and in that attempt i got 49 cards correct in 5:47 (5 minute 47 second)
so here is my progress statistics :-
1st attempt on 25th july = 49 cards in 5:47 min
4th attempt on 25th july =50 cards in 4:38 min
7th attempt on 25th july = 49 cards in 4:04 min

26th july = 50 cards in 3:44 min
27th july = 50 cards in 3:20 min
28th July =52 cards in 2:38 min ( first successfull attempt)
29th july =52 cards in 2:10 min
on an average till i memorized 5 deck of cards daily in practise
So it took me 5 days to improve from 5:47 min with 3 error to 2:10 min with no error
Hope i would get under 2 min today


Great progress, man! Your increment seems akin to that of Jayrold. Fascinating how steady improvements are being made so quickly these days. Keep us updated with your progress :slight_smile:


Cool! I think it’s not really that hard to get under 2mins in 7days. We are the living proof. It took me 7days to get under 1:38secs. 2 weeks to get under 58secs and 27days to get under 40secs. Maybe almost 40 days to make it to sub 30s yet didn’t happen, I do considered that my PB should be in 29secs too but as I said make mistake on recall.
I’m telling you, to be prepared on how hard to make progress when you reach 40s.
Anyways, Congrats @Shasan for doing our friendly race.

Keep us update @Sharma.
I wanna see how much improvement you can do with your PAO system. I’m curious, I just tried that system but didn’t pursue.

(Praveen sharma) #1291

Shasan And jayroldf Thanks for motivation
Update 31th july 2018 = 52 cards in 1:58 min ( although now improvement graph is descending)
finally , i got under 2 min club ,happy for such achievement
yesterday i tried a lot to get score under 2 min and many times i got 1:48 min and 1:52 min but somehow i didnt managed to recall them fully .

(Praveen sharma) #1292

so which system currently you are pursuing jayroldf

(Praveen sharma) #1293

1:58 min ( POA with phonetic codes in hindi) {how could i add my speed cards time on wiki )

(Praveen sharma) #1294

Hi friends,
1 AUG = 52 cards in 1:40 min ( sudden improvement with amazing recall )
its my 8th day from 5:47 min to 1:40 min .
making new memory palaces helped me to recall well for speed cards with best accuracy.


@Sharma cool! you mean your 1st attempt was 5mins?

I use 100 image & 52 image for cards, placing 2 image per locus.

(Praveen sharma) #1296

not 5 min but 5: 47 min with 3 error - this was my maiden attempt .
i use person +object+action not pao but POA ( ITS BECAUSE I USE MY NATIVE LANGUAGE i.e hindi ) it suits me i have total 300 images and for card 52*3=156 images and i use 3 images per locus .

(Praveen sharma) #1297

update : 6th aug 2018
1:23 min with 5 errors (very silly errors )
now i am dropping only 5 sec to 7 sec per day .
but i wanna take a jump . 13th day - from 5:47 min to 1:23 min

(Praveen sharma) #1298

Hi Guys ,
not happy to say that from now onwards till 24 weeks from now i would not be able to either use internet or practice cards or update my pb . so bye till feb and assures that i would return whenever i gets back and update my pb so till then bye bye .
my last attempt is same as on 6th of august i.e. 1:23 min


See you here again next year in February, Praveen. I hope you will have the same fire for memory sports till then even without access to the internet. And great speedy progress in the limited time you trained!

You have my best wishes. Good luck!


And don’t forget to inform us here when you return!

(Josh Cohen) #1301

Update: I made a new table of speed card times that anyone can edit. Feel free to add your best time there in the post or comments:

I also want to link to this thread, in case people haven’t seen it:

(Nicholas Mihaila) #1302

I currently don’t have any times to report, but that should change within a few weeks. I’ve been doing practice runs daily, and everything has been going very smoothly so far. I’m just working on making some final tweaks to my system. Currently there’s massive variance in the time it takes to elicit images, the shortest time being nearly instantaneous, and the longest time taking over several seconds. Also, another factor costing me time is that I don’t have any preplanned loci. I’ve been coming up with them impromptu. I prefer not to use the same route back-to-back, so I’m always trying to come up with new places.

My linking time is getting faster too, the upper end being about 2 cards/sec (one image uniquely corresponding to one card pair). While practicing I’ve been making it a point to never backtrack to refresh images and to never subvocalize more than once. I think this sort of approach is key if you really want to cut down your time.

Anyway, I look forward to posting times soon, although I’m sure that initially they’re going to be quite bad.