Card deck memorisation - post your times here!



I believe you are referring to the same system that I use (which I call the Lancelot haha). Although I wonder if you really need to, given the target of gaining speed is already quite easily in your reach. Your current progress suggests that you’ll be reaching sub-30s quite soon. Frankly, it depends on your long-term goals if you should make a 2 Card system or stick with the one you have right now. Is it a 52 person system that you have right now? And how many images per locus do you go with?


Thanks, I just tend to go faster than I could.


Yeah, I’m going to change system as soon as I completed the system cuz I feel that many people are changing to a bigger system which would be really hard for small system to get into top 10 in world ranking in the future. Thats what my long term goal is.
Hannes system uses the part 1 of shadow system but never use part 2.

I’m currently using 52 images the majorities are objects some are persons. 2images per locus.


Yes, I know. I am talking about the same thing, Part 1 + Blocks. Good luck with that :slight_smile:


How long did it took you to build and mastered it? Its pretty darn hard to buils this system, its taking forever


Yes, it took me quite a long time (around 9 months, which is perhaps longer than it takes most people) to complete the system. I was finished in February 2018 and memorised it after making it. It has been more than 4 months since I started using it from March 2018 and you know how my times are as I mentioned them above. Although, I found getting used to and learning the images was much harder and boring lol. Good luck!


New PB! no error
My 1st attempt was 39.40s but I switched 2 cards which is really annoying!!!


I don’t know what to say. Less than a month and you’re already sub-40s, onwards and upwards! At this pace it seems that you’re going to beat me to sub-30s. I’m not going to give up that easily though :wink:


:slight_smile: I don’t know if I can keep this progress, maybe sooner or later I’ll hit the plateau. But if this progress continues you’ll eat my dust sooner or later too. Just kidding lol :wink:


We don’t know… maybe 1 or 2 days later you already reach sub 30s cuz you’ve already done a sub 34s


Haha I hope that too, but it’s not so easy lol


:slight_smile: C’mon bruh, dont be so negative. Always look forward for tomorrow’s accomplishment not yesterday’s. I’m not an expert yet but if I can give a tip… always aim for the top which are most people don’t do thats why they’re stuck in their PBs for a long time. They aim low so they land lower than they AIMED for… if you aim the highest maybe you can’t hit that but you’ll land higher than most people aimed for.


I had 4 blanks but managed to fill it out.

New PB!


Haha of course, this reminds me of LociInTheSky’s quote that he read somewhere, “Shoot for the moon, even if you fail you’ll land among the stars.” Don’t worry, I’m optimistic. I said it’ll be tough but not impossible :wink:

Congrats on your PB!


New PB!

36.15 no error.

Don’t ask me about other attempt, its terrible xD

1st attempt made me excited so I can’t focus at all in other attempt and I forgot to screen-shot it. It’s okay though… I at least break it through.



Oopps! I almost break that annoying barrier again. with 35.68s - 4 errors. :frowning:

I misplaced the image for loci 1 & 2


Congrats on the 36.15s, Jayrold! You’re unstoppable :smiley:

I also have a PB to share, finally. I managed to do a 31.31s (digitally), after several highly variable attempts (ranging from 39s to 52s) with equally variable scores, I just aimed to get sub-40s times and this happened :slight_smile: Interestingly, recall was pretty smooth and I dropped almost 2s from my former PB. I’m glad I got it at a time when I almost felt like I hit a plateau!


Holy ****!! my heart almost burst!!! Congrats, looks like your on the peak of the finish-line. I don’t think I could break it easily.


Hey there! So how’s your progress been lately? :slight_smile:

I just got another PB, 30.55s (digitally)! Looking forward to the magical sub-30s :smiley:


I haven’t do speed cards again… I’ve been busy on school I’ll try on weeekends.