Card deck memorisation - post your times here!


(Joe Mantegna) #1242

WHAT? Just managed to do 2:58 minutes full deck with perfect and easy recall under 5 minutes!

Started to memorize decks 16 days ago with 30 minutes both to memorize and recall, and now this? I’m shocked.

I broke my previous rec two times today:

Previous PB 5:00:
First attempt (16/12): 4:48 - 52/52
Second attempt (16/12): 2:58 (???) - 52/52

It’s funny because I never had a PB or even a complete deck with 3 minutes, dropped from 4:48 to 2:58

I skipped only 2 days of practice and memorized 2-3 decks per day

Maybe the 2 hour meditation focused on creativity that I started doing 2 days ago?

edit : 29 cards in 59.56
EDIT 18/12/17 - 1:45 7 errors
19/12/17 - 2:27 52/52
19/12/17 - 2:10 52/52
20/12/17 - 2:02 so close!

Finally! 1:50 no errors

20 days of practice

(Joe Mantegna) #1243

24/12 Doing around 1:40 without erros constantly now

25/12 - New PB 1:31
26/12 - New PB 1:17


Wow, that’s impressive.

I’m using an app to do cards and training maybe 3 times a week before going to bed. For 27 cards (I use PAO), I try to memorize under 2 minutes. The recall is usually pretty straightforward, but I still do mistakes (3~4).

I am amazed by your progression!

  • What method do you use?
  • Are you using real cards?
  • Do you still do 3 decks a day?
  • Do you train with 3 consecutive decks, or do one the morning, one the afternoon, one the evening?
  • Have you one memory palace for each one? or doing the same one for the three?

Congrats again on your performance!

(Joe Mantegna) #1245

EDIT: Sorry for the typos, I noticed now that for some reason i’m being autocorrected to my mother language. (portuguese) so things like eff icient shows up as eficiente, I don’t have time right now but later I’ll fix this

Sorry for taking that long to answer, went to my grandpa’s house that doesn’t have internet connection. Well, i’m 15-20 days without even touching the cards or memoryleague.

  • What method do you use?
    52 characters /52 loci

  • Are you using real cards?
    I used to do with real cards but I realised that using memoryleague app I can cut off the practice time, being more eficiente for doing less as:
    -I don’t need to manually check (about 2 minutes)
    -I don’t need to shuffle (30 seconds)
    -I don’t need to manually recall (+2:30 minutes)

In the long run, that’s precious time. If you practice 3 times a day, you would save 5 minutes per session, 15 minutes a day, in one month you would save 7,5 hours of practice.

  • Do you still do 3 decks a day?

Sometimes I do 4, 5, but the average practice still around 3 decks a day.
Yep, I know, it’s a bit lazy, but more than that I begin to feel tired + with brain fog

  • Do you train with 3 consecutive decks, or do one the morning, one the afternoon, one the evening?

3 Consecutive decks, because I don’t have too much time without distractions during the day, so I do them at night.
In that case you need to find what suits you better.

I figured out that is important to warm up trying to decode without memorizing the 52 cards
and then warm up again trusting your brain to form the images in a flash, I calculated that this takes an average of 8-7 seconds to do

Decode the images: ~41 secondss
Travel trough journey : ~14 seconds
Flash memo: ~8-7 seconds
Total deck using flash memo: 62 seconds

I did this with other purpose but I figured out that the images that you struggle forming memoimgs becomes evident, and you can easily replace them to form a better system ( I already replaced 90% of my system in 25 days)

  • Have you one memory palace for each one? or doing the same one for the three?

1 Memory palace for each one, sometimes I do Interact them in some way, for example, the Queen of Clubs is Joanna D’arc, she throws her sword at the next loci, but this is a special thing that my mind did naturally. I don’t encourage you to do this.


Hi, Joe

Congratulations on your impressive results.
Could you please elaborate on this “flash memo” warm-up technique?


P.S.: I also have Joan of Arc in my system (6 of Spades), may I ask how you visualize her? She is always burning on the cross for me (which is historically incorrect, but…), to the point that sometimes I only see/feel the fire and know it’s her.

(Joe Mantegna) #1247

Just got a new PB of 1:12 and a 1:02 50 cards. Completed 1 month of practice today.


Thank you, to be able to do the flash memo warm-up you’ll need to:

.Trust your subconscious to form the images without the concious mind doing anything

Thats a very interesting point, I learned this with my meditation teacher and it applies to mnemonics. When doing a meditation technique that requires vizualization you need that soft focus and let the process happen without forcing anything.

.Don’t see the images

You don’t need to remember the entire deck, it’s just a warm-up/practice. You will see just a flash or a sound and move on.

You will form the images in like 0,15 seconds, that is not the necessary time to see a 100% concrete image or even memorize depending on your speedcards ability. You’ll notice that you remember some of the images. ( In the first time I did that I could only remember 3, now i’m up to 6-8.)

This will practice your brain to trust your subconscious without worring if the last image was Strong enough and boost up your image forming time.

I remember developing that practice system when I saw someone here saying that when you reach 25-20 seconds you only see fuzzy images and hear some sounds.

And remember:

Travelling trough your journey, decoding the deck images (doing this with a metronome faster than you can may help you if you can’t speed up by yourself) and using the flash memo practice (do these separately) is more efficient than just memorizing 3, 5, 15 or even 30 decks per day as a method of practicing.

Thats why I reached 1:12 full deck in one month of practice just memorizing 2-3 decks a day (rarely doing 4 or 5)

I don’t even see the Joana D’arc anymore, as I got faster I only see her silhouette holding a spade that the metal grows and kills the next character placed in the next loci. That’s very memorable for me, idk why.

Feel free to ask any questions.


Thanks for the clarifications, Joe.

I’ll give it a try but I don’t think it will work for me. I am not a meditation guy at all and 0.15 per card gives around 8 seconds a deck, which is time enough only to get me frustrated and irritated while I consciously fool myself trying to let my subconscious work – that’s too much of a contradiction for me, I guess.

Keep up the good work.



Hey guys, is this thread still alive? Anyways I just wanna share my achievement in this past few days. this is my 12th days of practice in speed cards. I just got the speed of 1:23 secs.

You can also visit this thread to see some easy drills before you memorize cards.

(Joe Mantegna) #1250

Yep! Still alive. after hitting 59 seconds in one month (national record) I stopped practicing, but managed the ability to stay at the same level doing one deck a week. Im’ not very interested into going for big leagues (less than 35-30 seconds)

Nice results JayroldF! I saw that you used my practice method (or some of it) that I mentioned 2 posts above - the drill thing
And you proved it’s efficacy. To me, that time in 1 week only doing 1-2 decks a day is almost unbeliavable.

Hope new people here benefit from your experience. And also thanks for sharing, always keep improving.


Yeah, its very useful… specially this thread. I’m posting my daily improvement in my own thread since this thread is not that active anymore.


Yeah, its very useful… specially this thread. I’m posting my daily improvement in my own thread since this thread is not that active anymore.


Nice work, Jayrold! Good to see your progress! You seem to have very well adjusted to your system given that you’re already clocking sub 45s times in less than a month of training?! I started training Cards from March 2018. My usual speed is in 40-45s range as of now and I mostly train Cards digitally. We can have a friendly race to sub-30s if you like? I have got a few sub 40s times, although they occur quite infrequently.

Although I encountered memory sports in the early months of 2017 and made some basic systems as well, I stopped practising Numbers and Cards in May 2017 and have started with them again this year from March.


Yeah, I’m ready for that… whats you’re current PB? and how long have you been practicing speed cards? what system do you use? Just curious.


Lets revive this thread! anyone can join us than just being a silent reader. :slight_smile:


I train on real cards, whats your current PB?


New PB for!
43.69 no error


My PB digitally is 33.26 which seems to be a lucky attempt. But as I said, I’ve clocked sub-40s only a handful of times (the other scores, apart from the above mentioned PB, are 37s and 39s) when I get lucky with the flow of images. On most occasions it is 40-45s with a few entering 50-60s range as well as I sometimes forget the image for a pair or so.
I have not tried it with physical cards in a long time, perhaps I will one of these days and let you know my time. I use a 2 Card System with blocks. I like to call this ‘The Lancelot’ system (tribute to Lance aka LociInTheSky :wink:

Well, the fact that you’re getting 40s on real cards is even more impressive! This means that you can easily get sub-40s digitally as doing it digitally definitely shaves off some time. As I said, I started practising this March, so it’s been about 4 1/2 months.


New 2 consecutice PB for today!
43.69 no error
41.79 no error.


I’m planning to use 2 card-block system too. Maybe Hannes/Mullen variation.


That is incredible. This is perhaps the fastest progress I’ve seen. Reaching sub-1 was a tough task for me, perhaps a mental barrier, I don’t know, but I did feel the heat. You seem to be breaking PBs really fast. Keep going!