Card deck memorisation - post your times here!



Pls can some one explain the simon system for card

(Simon Luisi) #1223

This is an improvement of just one second over the past 5 months!
The main reasons for this slow progress is that I’ve changed system. So now I can boast about having achieved under 2 minutes with two different and unique systems! The method I used here is the Less L. Method, but with some minor changes to it. I look forward to updating my Less L. thread soon.
This was not achieved with a regulation under 5 minutes recall. It took me 14 minutes to recall the deck.
But my decision not to be concerned with recall times seems a good one; I recently did a perfect 2:11 deck and finished the whole exercice in under 10 minutes without forcing.

New pb: 1:49
6 days to improve by 5 seconds, this is scary fast improvement by my standard. I feel as if my memory isn’t really improving but my ability to guess correctly the right card has greatly improved. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come.
Only a 10 second improvement is now needed to reach the 2 digit club!


11 December 2016

7:36 with no mistakes.

This is the first time I’ve made it all the way through with no errors. That said, it took me a long time to recall them. (I didn’t time myself, but it was probably about ten minutes.)

I had a few gaps as I went through assembling a second pack (in the past, I’ve just called out the cards and then turned them over to see if I was correct). When I got to the end, I had about 9 cards left over. However, going through a second time, I immediately knew where they needed to be.

Far from perfect, I know, but it was a great feeling to manage it. It’s the first time I’ve tried to do it with people, not images. (I only began creating my people list within the last 7 days, so, again, I’m happy enough with my progress.) The cards I struggled with had less vivid images (static/uninteresting action), so that’s something for me to work on.


So frustrating! I thought I’d gone under 7 minutes (6:59), but made three mistakes - all in the first four cards. (Ie 2, 3 and 4 were the correct cards but in the wrong order.)

A salutary lesson, though - because I’ve messed up early on on previous occasions. My first few locations seem to affect the action in my images - I think they’re all too samey. Anyhow - I’ll try again soon. Still a long way to go, but it remains fun trying!


Thought I’d done really well yesterday - memorising a pack in 5:12. I hadn’t meant to go that fast - and it’s a shame I didn’t take extra time to go through the pack one last time because, having got the first 29 correct, I then got two the wrong way round!

Ah, well - back to the drawing board …


For me: 1:29 at the moment, small steps.

My daughter has managed 15:38 with a person-system we made for her, a very inpressive score already ^^ she was really proud


Wow! Well done, Mayarra. And your daughter, too.


I am quite stuck at 1:30+ times atm, the 1:29 seemed to have been a stroke of luck,but I keep working on it.

Meanwhile, my daughter has managed 15:12, she is making progress, prepare to get your asses kicked by a kid one day!

I have also updated the times page on the wiki ^^

(Josh Cohen) #1230

What is the current record for speed cards? It looks like Alex got 16.96 seconds for cards (non-digital?) at the European Open.


For various reasons, my memory training program has collapsed since the turn of the year and I’ve only recently started up again. I think it will be a while before I better any of the times I’d managed in Memory League training up to December 2016, but hopefully I’ll get there.

On the cards’ front, I’m taking it easy and trying to get my time down for memorising 26 cards. Two days ago, I managed 3 minutes 11 seconds, and today I’ve managed 2:39 without any mistakes. Still very slow, I know - but it’s a start!


I started doing 26 at a time as well. Its a great way to learn.

I’m currently at 3.38 for a full deck with no errors. My next goal is to go below 3.20 but its proving difficult.


I have practiced my first system (2704 images) for 3.5 mos. ( sep 2016- dec 15, 2016) and when Alex m broke the record for the hour cards in WMC 2016 in Dec that convinced me to switch to 1352 block system.
In April 25, 2017, I hit 49 sec. but not always consistent.


After having not worked on any memory event - except words - for well over a year, I had a go at a deck just now.

I was pleased with 52:46. Not too bad! :slight_smile:

(Spots In The Moon) #1235

my fastest time is 1 min plus. I use Category System inspired by Nelson Dellis.


Been a long time since my last update :slight_smile: love seeing the new times!
I’ve got my times down to 51.82 which was a lucky shot. Usually my times are around 55. :smiley:

(Simon Luisi) #1237

Right, you had mentioned hitting a plateau and these times suggest otherwise. Congratulations! Did you just kept doing the same routine to get there?

I’m still at 1:49, but my records continue to suggest I’m still improving a bit. Most of my training times are in 1:30s range these days, with an average of 10-12 mistakes.


My main point was learning to trust my mind. I am quite a control freak and couldnt let go of wanting to create the images, now I trust on my kind brain to form them


Thank you Graham,
I have carefully followed your advises and tips through your comments and finally succed to reach 58,6 seconds for speed cards.
I have started 16 months ago with a PAO and was blocked at 1minute 30 since a couple months.
This is a new start and feel I can go further.

(Joe Mantegna) #1240

I’m a 16yo brazilian new into memo and I started with speed cards 3 days ago. (01/12/17)

Just managed to do 8:23 but with a perfect recall in an absurd time of 34 minutes to recall correctly yesterday.
And 18 cards in 60 seconds

I don’t know exactly which method i’m using, i’m placing 52 people into 52 locis.

EDIT: Got 21 cards in 60 seconds using memoryleague

EDIT: Got down to 6:21 perfect recall (06/12/2017)
EDIT3: WOW! Got 5:00 perfect recall today! I’m very happy as it is my first experience with memo (07/12/17)


My progression is going well!

I beat Graham by a second :smiley: but then again he might just not have updated his times in a while.

My daughter is doing well too, she is consistently under ten minutes.