Card deck memorisation - post your times here!



Everett! Congratulations. Well done.

(Josh Cohen) #1203

Congratulations! :slight_smile:


Hi Everett can you share, what kind of system you are using for cards? PAO? two cards? What kind of system?


Thanks, Josh and Tracy!

suryasekhar - I have 52 images; some are people and others are objects. I put two images per locus and have all three things interacting in some way. One thing that I’m trying to do is memorize the links between images. There are 52x51 different combinations to memorize, so pre-memorizing all the links will hopefully save time and enable me to get even faster :slight_smile: The obvious disadvantage of my system is that it works terribly for multi-deck events. I’m planning to add 352 images to my 1000 image # system and create a 2-block card system like Alex and Johannes.


Everett I think I got the idea. I exactly know what to do now thank you so much.

(Badr Ibrahim) #1207

I’m using Shadow system… but not comfortable with it yet… it’s been a while I was practice with my old system (52 images/26loci) so I’ve got a new PB for 44 seconds… and it’s seems that it’s getting faster… my Idea is to compete this year in SMC 2016 /30/7 with my old system… coz the SS is not ready yet…
but I will train very hard after it to compete the next year in arabian memory championship… and win some records… for me now I’m 17 years old so this year I can win the crown of younger competitors… and next win adults… it’s seems pretty but takes alot of work… so haven’t nothing to loose :slight_smile:


Using PAO I just got under my 100 second mark :smiley: 98.6 seconds, with two cards that proved a bit tough to recall, but I did get them right! Though clearly still room for improvement. :slight_smile:


Hey, I noticed the time you have on the wiki is outdated (4:22). How long did it take you to drop down to under 100 seconds?
Do people even keep track of the length of time they’ve been practicing for?


3 minutes 42 seconds for now


Wow, Mayarra! You’re doing great. I’m almost there, but I’m still missing a few. I’ve done 46 cards correct in 1:39.


@Badr4Sudan: Amazing! You might be the best competitor ever from Africa.


Yea, I haven’t updated it for a while indeed haha

I believe it took about half a year to go from 4 minutes to 100 seconds :slight_smile: might be a bit more or less

EDIT: I just checked, it took me about 8 months :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh wow, I guess I have to go through all that
Nice work anyway



When I finally get below 2 minutes, what’s the point if I end up wanting to move onto a 3-digit system and need to get used to new images?


@rmartson: What are your goals? You ask what’s the point, but what do you want to accomplish? In other words, why are you currently working on lowering your times in cards? Are you interested in competing?

Also, you can work on a 3-digit system for numbers while retaining your 1-card system for cards. That’s what I’m currently doing, as I finished establishing my 3-digit assignments, and am in the process of committing those to memory. In the meantime, when I practice numbers I still use my 2-digit system, and when I practice speed cards I use my 1-card system. Even after I start using the 3-digit system for numbers, I’ll probably wait a while until working on a 2-card system.


I didn’t fully focus on drilling the cards though, I am sure you can do it in half the time if you’d focus on improving times :slight_smile:



@tracym I think I got into this stuff because I wanted to memorise material for school/college, but now I’m just trying to achieve the criteria for a “grand master of memory”, one of which is to memorise a deck of cards in under 2min
I don’t really want the title, but those criteria are probably the only official milestones I’ve got for now


Long time lurker here. I am still a bit of newb at speedcards and I am trying to improve my accuracy. I am using a Dominic PA system and putting two cards at each locus. I setup a memory palace in my apartment with 26 loci.

I try to make the person action combo as ludicrous as possible and I usually struggle to remember at least two loci in almost every time during recall. Do you have any tips on how to make a person action combo more memorable? Thank you!


Hi everyone

2.minutes 06 (pao/journey) using my speed pao (french system to build a pao really fast)

Keep training to break the 2 mn

126 secondes


Today I did 1,02min(no mistake)using 2 digit system