Card deck memorisation - post your times here!


(Badr Ibrahim) #1142

I don’t know Graham but I hope that … ;(


My time is 3m59s, not really sure what the method is called, but I used major system for the number and used the first letter of the suite to make the word. I then just placed these in a memory palace.


15-20 minutes here, so I’m still in the honeymoon stage of this feat.


been a while since I have posted an update :stuck_out_tongue: I am down to 2:34.19 now :smiley:


Nice work, Maya! Are you consistently under 3 mins now?


I do sometimes end up in the 3:00-3:10 range, though it is under 3 minutes a lot too

(Simon Luisi) #1148

Hey Mayarra,

2:34 is also my top time, with my still secret completely directional method, as of this morning. But my ultimate pb is 2:18 with a different method.


I’m still working on my card/image associations, so I haven’t quite made it to deck memorization yet… But I really can’t wait. :slight_smile: You guys have some very inspiring (and intimidating) times to aspire to.

Also, I put together a system that I’m going to try out as a side project while I’m using a standard 52-image/52-loci thing. If anyone wants to check it out (and maybe get a chuckle out of it :P), I’d appreciate any feedback:


6 decks in 6:00 with 1 blank. I didn’t use a metronome, it just happened to land on exactly the coolest time within reach without my ever having looked at the clock. These were digital cards. It shouldn’t be any harder to do with analog cards once I get the manual skill. That simply requires the ability to replace one deck with another in equal or less time than it takes to visualize the final images of the first deck which were merely glanced at while placing the deck back on the table. I wouldn’t say that’s easy, but compared to what a card working magician has to do, it’s nothing at all.

I don’t expect to have to do multideck with real cards any sooner than 11 months from now, but digital may be on the horizon with the second (hopefully) MAA in California in May, so I’ll worry about the fancy finger work later and stick to digital through May at least.



Excellent, Lance!


Are they not having the USA Memory Championship this year?

Edited: May 7, 2016, in Hershey, PA. Dang, I was all stoked to go to NYC. No offense to Hershey, PA intended.


Yeah, it’s unfortunate. I love visiting New York. Some people say “I agree, but I’d never want to live there…”
But I would - it’d be great.
Hopefully Tony and the others can get their act together in the future and get us an actual venue with sponsors back in the Big Apple, rather than using a high school auditorium in Pennsylvania and having no sponsors at all.


Has anyone here switched from a PAO to a 2 card system? If so how long did it take before you times were consistent/better than using the PAO? I use a PAO right now and I am thinking about creating a two card system.


If I’m not mistaken, both AlexM and LociInTheSky started with PAO and switched to 2-card systems, and they’re amongst the best in the world at speed cards. Check out their threads. I think AlexM mentioned in an interview it took him about four months to create the 2-card system and get comfortable with it. You may find a more precise answer by reading through this thread.


I have listened to a recent podcast with AlexM and FlorienD. It was really informative and AlexM went into detail about his system. I am planning on creating a system based on his and Lance’s system. The USA Memory Championship is in May and I’ll probably switch after that event.

Do you do speed cards or numbers? If so what system to you use?

(Simon Luisi) #1157

2:30, slow but steady.
Way to go Lance!

(Simon Luisi) #1158

This time, established this morning, beats my previous pb established over 6 months ago (2:18) with a mix of methods. (Less. L and directional)
Okay, so now my training current speed card pb has been established with my fully directional method. Maybe best described as a 50 blocks static, one card directional method.
I’ll explain it in more details shortly, in the Less. L thread, as I wanted to wait until this achievement before doing so.


I promised to myself that I would only post in this thread when I was able to both memorise and recall, each within the 5-minute limit. Well, I am glad to say that today, after 49 journeys across 48 days of practice, I finally did it.

Memorisation: 4m08s
Recall: 4m57s

I know it is not much, but I am happy. A great excuse for a nice bottle of wine :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the direct and indirect guidance you guys have shared with me.



Congratulations! It’s a big milestone. Have a nice Merlot.


I guess I am more of a Malbec guy :slight_smile: