Card deck memorisation - post your times here!



I got it down to 3:00.04!
Soooo close to getting under the three minutes, yet it feels so far.


50.11. Finally!




Wait, where is the link?


49.08 - I’m gonna count it!

Plus, it’s with a whole new system, so I’m super-chuffed!


You can do much quicker than that, Maya. And you know you can, now! :slight_smile:


Didn’t have much time to practice the past 1.5 weeks, very busy around christmas and new years, and my daughter has been very sick. Not very good for the speed run time xD

(Simon Luisi) #1129

Mr. World Champion of Memory, Alex,
I guess your advice here looks even better now that when you wrote it down! But it won’t work for me. I do not “place.” My method is a bit like yours in the sense that you opt for either one of two location. I opt between 52 locations at every stop and never put anything in it but only refresh the image…
But going at the new speeds has helped me to focus on some persistent mistakes that I make with some images when I go at high speed (well, for me, that is, or relatively speaking). This means I must change a whole bunch of them, I am now in the process of changing over 600 of them and that will take time but I’m confident it will help to decrease the number of errors that I make and thus boost my confidence which will allow me to go faster. And I’ve also made some modifications to my method so I don’t expect to show off any new pb any time soon. On a positive note, I’d like to say my new method does seem to help me make fewer mistakes during the recall. We’ll see in a few months…
Thanks for the feedback anyway!




Good job Graham :smiley:

I started again about a week ago, firstly I was back down to the 3:30-4:00 times, but yesterday evening I had myself a nice 2:45.79

(Badr Ibrahim) #1132

Hi guys …
my name is Badr … I’m a 16 years old …
my fastest time is 1min:23 sec without errors and 1min:12sec with 4 errors just this evening: … I’ve been training on this type of memorization for 3 months … I’m using the major system (52 images/26 loci)… and I hope to get under 1 minute soon …!



Wow, you’re really good! Good luck at the Sudanese Memory Championship. I think you will win!


Have you guys seen this? She did it in just one day! I will defenately try it, do my best after I master my pao. It’s worth trying. If someone have done it then it’s not impossible.


It was all monitored by Ed Cooke, so I’m pretty sure it’s as legit as they claim. But she didn’t do it ALL in one day, unless I missed something in the article. It was over six weeks. She took a week off of work to focus. Prior to the magic day she worked relentlessly on learning her card assignments, getting them faster and faster, and working on memorizing partial decks. The magic day was the first day she memorized a FULL DECK. Still impressive.

I am curious why Ed Cooke mentioned the American record from 10 years ago, because this contest was not limited to Americans. Also, worldwide, many have gone under 1:00 in cards. Not taking anything away from Irina’s accomplishment. It was just a strange thing to say.

(Badr Ibrahim) #1136

Thanks … tracym for support :slight_smile: … Sure I will do my Best :wink:


Current PB is now 48.29.

Nice going, Badr!

(Badr Ibrahim) #1138

thanks , Graham!
and you too in speed cards :wink:
my new time is 1 minute and 14 seconds … last friday … (I’m coming after you Graham :wink:


You need to set your sights higher than that! :slight_smile:

(Badr Ibrahim) #1140

OOh XXXX ! ,
I can’t believe this … I’ve just discovered that our national competition and every other arabic competition (Sudan , Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan…etc) doesn’t use these type of cards (K,Q,J, …) .
the another type of cards created by Riad Ben Sousha The man who established the Arabian memory championship Cards of the Arabican Memory Championship
and even if I have entered the WMC from Sudan I will be examined with these cards … Damn!!

it’s seems I’m going to start from zero ;(
sorry guys I will not train on this cards any more until I get my new cards … good luck Graham, Night walker, Tracym, … and for every one .


Are you sure about that?

My understanding is that you can take your own cards to the WMC.