Card deck memorisation - post your times here!



Hello Everyone. I’m quite amazed by your performances memory training. Congrats to Alex, Everett and Lance for Amazing sub-30 Times. You 3 are really pushing the standard.

I have not actively trained memory for a very long time(last February) and have instead spent my time on adventures and Hiking. Nelson seems even more inspirational to me now since he can practice memory and do mountaineering at the same time.Mountaineering is an all encompassing thing. I came to this site again from a PM I found in my email and have guilt-tripped myself back into practicing. My old PM’s are gone(how do I get these back? There was intellectual gold in there) and the site’s format is different but I’m training a bit again now that I have more great journeys. I’ve also replaced some of my boring images with really interesting people.
For example, I used to use cat for CT. Now I can use Chet, an amazing guy in a wheelchair who suffered life-threatening burns when his stove blew up. His optimism, generosity, and hospitality is world class and contagious. I’ve almost never met someone doing so much with so little and that makes a great image.

On topic: My times are really bad at the moment. I’m only comfortable at around 1:20 and have only had 2 sub-1’s last week. Not a problem though, practice can fix that.


57.29. Less than a second faster than my PB, but I’ll take it! :slight_smile:


Yeah, ALeman that’s a real horrible time, 1:20. Ha, ha. It just goes to show you how everything is relative. A few short years ago I think that would’ve been a record in the US.

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There is a wiki page where people can post their times:

Just click “create account” at the top and once you’re logged in there, you can edit any wiki page.


Got my fastest time with an analog deck (actual, not digital). That’s 22.30

Got my fastest time with an analog deck (actual, not digital). That's 22.30

Nice one, Lance! That’s incredible.


Wow, Lance, you’re just incredible these days. You and Alex and Everett keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and it’s great for US Memory sports.


Guys, don’t forget to add your times to the wiki page, as the list at the top of this thread doesn’t seem to be updated any more.


Sub-3 minutes finally! 2:51.

Sub-3 minutes finally! 2:51.

Nice one!

I always thought of 3 mins as one of the main targets.

Next on the list is 90 secs! :slight_smile: Let us know when you get there.


How are you getting on, Maya?

How are you getting on, Maya?

Haven’t had much time to practice, but right now I’m at times around 5 minutes, though getting under it again is tough. Mostly I get around 5:20, or 5:40 if some of the images are annoying.


4:46 just now, though I did cheat a bit. The last 4 cards were: 3 of Diamonds, 5 of Diamonds, 4 of Diamonds, 4 of Hearts, which was an easy enough order to memorize without images, so I put the cards down and ended the timer, after which I constructed the images.

Speed cards to me is just memorizing the cards as quickly as possible, or in other words, keeping the time as low as possible. And during that, anything goes. If I had to construct the last images, I’d be around 5 minutes, perhaps over it slightly as I noticed I had some trouble remembering what the 4 of Diamonds was.


Did it again today, this time no “cheating” haha

4:22 in the first run, 100% correct recall
4:26 in the second run, 100% correct recall


Congrats! Those times keep on falling.


I am very happy with my results as well :smiley:

I will start practicing with a metronome from now on. 4:20 is 5 seconds average per card, and the slowest my metronome can go is 1 beat per 6 seconds, so I can easily see which cards are troubling. Start with a run with 6 seconds per card, see if that goes good, then move on to 5.

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First card memorization attempt ever. Did it in 5:01 minutes with 0 error. I use Major (numbers and aces) + People (face cards) and 52 loci.
I never thought memorizing cards could make fun. But I am surprised.


Wow, Suzy, that is amazing for a first attempt! Congratulations.



Wow I’m gone for a few months from posting on this forum and already I’m forgotten… looks like I’ll have to start posting my card times again…