Cancer Pest

Hey everyone. Idk if anyone noticed but I was gone for some time. Dealing with cancer…again. :unamused: But, I’m getting back up to my best health and yesterday, I reviewed and retrieved some information that dissolved while I was out of it. I just got back the 54 countries of Africa including name, capital, spelling, flags and location. And I just refreshed 86 binary codes sequences when previously I had only 62. I’m thinking more clearly and absent-mindedness is dissolving. Not eliminated just dissolving. But I just wanted to say, “It’s good to be back.”


Welcome back Kemsimba!

I use 64 combinations. Not sure how you get 86? What’s your system?

Good to hear that! Your wealth is your health. Do what keeps you happy.


@Erol Well, it’s strange but then most of our methods are on this forum. :grin: First, my pattern design is to use the 1 with either a count or alphabet representation of only T & Th. The 0 is used with a count also but alphabet representation. However, 0 gets every letter and not just S or Z and the coinciding letter(e.g. two zeros can be “zoos” or “N”)is incorporated into the substitution. So, e.g., “T” is 01010100 which I coined “Thoth’s Tune” which goes to 10100 which are the last 5 digits. It becomes Th=T, Th=1, S=0, T=1, N=00.
As for numbers, I just attach those to letters. With punctuation marks/symbols, those get their own stories. Incorporating the symbols with images e.g. an asterisk(*) is number 10 with my pattern which is also corresponding with “J.” I imagine jets shooting an asteroid It goes like that with all of them. I got alphabets(uppercase and lowercase), numbers(0-9), colon, semi-colon, greater/lesser than, equal, question and about 15 more symbols including multiplication and division.


Welcome back :slight_smile:

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