Can you use the same memory palace each time with a deck of cards?

I’ve recently started to try and memorize a deck of cards using a memory palace and the PAO system. I’ve created 18 locations in my house, and use my house as the memory palace each time that I am memorizing a new deck of cards.

However, this has led to “ghosting” a couple of times in the half-dozen decks I’ve tried memorizing so far.

Should I create a new memory palace each day, use the same one always, or have a set to cycle through?

You want to have a stockpile of palaces so you can cycle through them. This is the best way to avoid ghost images


What Parkouristx said. You need to allow time for the images to disappear so you need multiple palaces to cycle through while that happens.


How many palaces would you suggest having?

Ohh this is hard to say because it depends on how much you are training and how many different events you train. If you want to do 5 trials of cards, that is 5 palaces. If it takes 3 days for all the images to disappear, you would need to have 20 palaces with 18 locations in them that is if you trained cards every day.