Can you replace the chatter in your head with any information that you have to memorize?

I want to memorize some text verbatim. Apart from rote memorization (very time consuming), my other strength is audio memory. I want to give it a try. I want it to be either like:

  1. Someone is whispering the text in my ear.
  2. Someone is shouting the text to me, in my mind.

I keep having conversations with me continuously in mind. I wish I could replace the chatter in mind with the texts that I have to memorize. That must be possible. Since I don’t know much about memory techniques, I would like to ask you all if you know of any way to replace-chatter-in-mind with text? It’ll take 1. Practice 2. Patience 3. Time. I know. But what about the “technique”?

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You can transfer some text you are reading into earworms if you get used to it.
As for a how, this isn’t exactly easy to describe but you have to purge the gap between music and text and it works relatively easily when you do that. Consider the rhythm in what you are trying to memorize this way and it will loop endlessly when you grasp it. Might be hard to turn off though.

Earworm -> A melody or a portion of a piece of music that is involuntarily repeated in one’s mind.


Ooooh I don’t get it. I have read so many posts and discussions on this website but I fail to understand the most of it. I think my English is not as good I thought it is. I have a hard time understanding sentences, especially on internet. I’m really sad thinking whether I should learn to “understand” English first or memorize my subjects… in even more difficult English :frowning:

I can simplify it in this case, I don’t think I am also the clearest person on the forum.

You are asking :

I suggested ‘earworm’ which is

How to:

music in head, can’t turn off.

Text can become music in head, if you learn to use rhythm.
Using rhythm means read and replay text in head at set tempo.

  • Kind of like singing text in head.

I don’t believe it will help you more than previous advise but this is how you can do it.

You can also use google translate for english if you find it easier.

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