Can you memorize using the link an loci method while speed reading?



Can you memorize and understand a book with speedreading and memorizing with the loci method and the link/chain method?
Thank you


Disclaimer: not able to do that
It sounds like a pretty intense multitasking experience, inside the mind no less!^^
Understanding (through speed reading) would be the first priority, and after that, a re-run could allow for memorization…
What I’ve experienced is that, when I rush imagination (which is needed to memorize), it can’t cooperate well, nor does it yield satisfactory results. The way we code information is important, and speed is one major component in the process, in my estimation. It’s one thing to encode something through mere imagery, and another to put in more detail like scenes, sound, etc.
That being said, practice could alter the ability to feel the salience of encoded data, thus maybe helping speed up the process. It also depends on what you want to extract out of a book (idea, key points, details, verbatim text^^).