Can you memorise a Rubik's Cube while it is being scrambled?

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This post contained a question about whether it’s possible to use memory techniques to keep track of how a Rubik’s Cube is scrambled. It referred to a David Blaine show where it appeared that someone might have used mnemonics while watching cubes being scrambled.

Do you think that it’s possible to memorize a Rubik’s Cube while it’s being scrambled?

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Interesting question, though. Aren’t there only 12 possible moves - 6 sides, each of which can be turned clockwise or anticlockwise? It seems like memorizing the moves of a slow scramble might not be impossible.

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Tracking a cube as it is being scrambled is incredibly difficult. Someone unfamiliar with a cube will mess around with the orientation and won’t use clean moves. If it is a cuber doing it then they will usually be too quick to follow.
If you can do that there are 6 possibilities for each of the 6 faces (up to 3 turns plus wide versions) then 3 for each of the 3 slices plus orientation changes.
I’d prefer the Steven Brundage method where you switch the scrambled cube for one you prepared earlier.


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