Can you help If you use Spaced Repetition?

Hi, I am a student which is working with weekly schedule, I wanted to use SR but I could not combine times with my weekly study schedule? Can you help me?

How is your weekly schedule set up or rather, why can you not combine the times?

Alternatively, you could try reviewing exclusively before you sleep.

It looks like,you are having difficulty in scheduling because SRS tools has their own scheduling system. If that is the case,then,don’t use the SRS tools like Anki or other softwares…

Instead create your own scheduling system with a nice tool like “Notion”. Notion is a great tool which you can use for SRS and your study. I like the way Notion can be used for " Zettelkasten" notes! It is free and can be run in any device…Here is the Notion site:

Here is a link for using Notion for students>>

Here is a great article on using Notion as a SRS tool(for students) >>


Thank you so much.

The biggest drawback of notion is one cant create simple tables.I find that really irritating.
Apart from that,its a great tool.

Been using Notion since December last year. Didn’t face any problem creating tables in its Database.

Notion is a beast,a new generation beast! It’s gonna kill old generation tools like Evernote, OneNote,or even Asana(I’m swithing from Asana to Notion)!

Even though I’m heavily involved in “Notion” at present, I’m keeping an eye on “Obsidian” and “Roam Research”,too…

So u are using Notion from december and u dont know its not possible to create a simple 2x2 table in notion.The option provided is a database (which is not a simple table as in Microsoft Onenote,word etc.)

The workaround is Latex commands or snip it from microsoft document,but then u cant edit that later.

I am stressing on this point since the OP is a student and I dont think students(in general) would appreciate a database every single time.Atleast I wouldn’t.

I got so annoyed, I eventually reached out to the Support team.

Here’s the rsponse:
Notion Query

Its surprising how an app that boasts of so much productivity cant take care of the simplest things first.

As I said earlier,apart from this issue and syncing, its a great app.

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I never needed to use ‘a simple table’ in Notion!! Notion’s DB and page had been enough for me to do all the things I needed to do! I just learned from you about this ‘simple table’ issue today and found it interesting! I didn’t need to create any table like that in past…And I don’t think,I would need to create a table like that in Notion…I would use “Google Sheet” for that(for now) and link the Sheet to Notion ,if I desperately need a table!

I have been importing all of my notes/texts/articles from “Evernote,OneNote,Asana and Trello” into Notion…and managing notes had never been difficult or problematic in Notion for me. May be,my setup in Notion and preferences are very different than yours…

I still think,Notion,Roam Research,Obsidian,Coda…these are the future. Roam Research and Notion are the beast at the moment!!! And students should get involved in them for better study…

It doesnt really matter what your or my preferences are.
The larger point being,what features is the app providing(which I have already admitted is hell of a lot).

Seriously?? who doesnt use a table when it comes to digital notes?
It is the most basic way to organize textual information.I use Onenote 2016 and it is absolutely essential for me.

Lets not make an argument just for the sake of it.

I didn’t say, I don’t use “Tables” at all. I said I didn’t need to use a 'Table" yet inside Notion(I’m still setting Notion up and still organizing hundreds of articles that I gather for years in other apps). And if I needed a Table, I would use ‘google sheet’(for now) and link that to Notion,like I do in Anki,too.

It may “surprise” you I never used any Table in “Anki”(if you are familiar with Anki),too,which has the Table feature and which I have been using since 2015,and have more than 5000 chards/notes!!! If I have to use Tables, I simply use spreed sheets like excel,google sheet or calc of libra office in Anki using links! The reason? My personal “preference”!

I’m not sure why you are imagining that everyone must do things in the way you yourself do!!

Are u having an off day @elitely? The logic that u r presenting is downright silly!

And why is that? And even if U dont feel the need to use a table inside notion,why do u think others will not have the need to do so?

That is hilarious.

Just to be clear, I hope u do know what I mean by a simple table.
Here, for your convenience:

I rest my case.

May be…But like I said, It is ‘my personal preference’… :wink:

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No issues with that…

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