Can you fix this problem? (Simon)


I faced most of the time this issue in memory league,

There is no different in Hindi - अंतर and अन्तर, they both considered as same.

Like जंतर and जन्तर.

The dot in the first word and half letter in the middle of second word considered as half n sound in Hindi.
And it’s our choice whatever word we write, both are correct.
The same problem happens in name events too.


If they’re both considered the same, why do both exist?
Are they always interchangeable, for every single Hindi word? Or just in this specific word example (and many others)? How common is this specific issue on Memory League? Is it always spelled without the dot on Memory League?

I saw a Memory League game some time ago where someone had to memorise the german word for nightmare. This has two accepted spellings in the german duden/lexicon: Albtraum and Alptraum. They mean exactly the same thing, and sound basically the same as well.


They are interchangeable.

But some cases are there like अंगूर where we doesn’t write अन्गूर , but most of them are interchangeable.
But maybe second word also considered as real word but many of them used the first one.
So I think second word is also correct.

But in names event all names are interchangeable if this condition happens

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And there is one condition too -

फ and फ़ sound

The first one is ph sound because in hindi language there is no f sound. (Not f letter in hindi language)

And we make a dot in the ph letter to change it from ph to f (for words that came from foreign countries like english, urdu or japanese)

फल, कॉफ़ी

First one is phal (fruit)

Second one is coffee

Because coffee is a foreign word so we make a dot in the ph letter.

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Can this problem be fixed???

So अं = अन्, and जं = जन्?

What other characters can also have the dot or half letter? I’m not familiar with the Devanagari script so if you can list all the possibilities that would be great.

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Well, If you see the 6th word in the picture that I mentioned in my first post.

Pizza - पिज्जा (correct spelling is पिज़्ज़ा)
We use ज for j and ज़ for z in hindi.

But recently there is not so much difference in those 2 words, they are interchangeable. (But actually more people using wrong word)
I am not saying first 1 is correct , but I find lots of people using पिज्जा (wrong word means - pijja) in online , but correct is पिज़्ज़ा

That’s why we often did this thing wrong like

See the 34th word

सजा - saja (more common)
But real word - सज़ा - saza (but rarely used by many people)

The meaning of the above word is punishment.
If you search on google , punishment in hindi (translation)

You will get this -

As you can see, No difference - सजा = सज़ा (but सज़ा is correct word)
But you can call first word as synonym of second word.
See in the translation on google.

If you ask me , many people didn’t think so much on about dot stuff (like सज़ा or सजा) , but many grammatical people take this seriously.

Note : not relate this with अंतर and अन्तर thing that’s different case.

@Rajadodve786 Is it better now?

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Hi. Simon, can you add uzbek names?
My memory would be better.:smiley:


Is it false?

My claviatura’s has only this ’
Can you fix it pls?


That should be fixed now.


Oh, thank you Simon

Again, today this thing happens @Simon

नापसंद = नापसन्द

OK, that one won’t happen again now.

I again got that @Simon

  1. Intervel => मध्यांतर / मध्यान्तर

  2. Rubber, eraser => रबर / रबड़ (both are Correct)
    First one used mostly.

  3. drop => बूंद

  4. sterile => बांझ / बाँझ

I did this match 2 hours ago, can you correct my scores।

That are wrong words simon , @Simon
You can check too.

Can you fixed that score and enter correct words.

Hi @Rajadodve786,

Sorry, I haven’t had time to get to this yet - hopefully tomorrow.

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I would like to second Florians post from above.
In German there are also a few words, were there is more than one correct spelling. I still have to remember which one it is. I do not understand the difference to Hindi yet. Not saying there is none, but I do not understand it yet.

If you see words with any problems like this, you can report them using the “Bad translations? Click here” link at the end of recall.

We can remove words with more than one correct spelling to make it fairer.