Can synesthesia be used to correct blurry vision problems?

I had thought of developing synesthesia which shows me clear images instead of unclear images(As the brain already has a deblurr mechnism) and glare can be eliminated by using eye exercises.

And so can a synesthesia be developed which can make a person with blurry vision problems see clear pictures like in Grapheme Coloured Synesthesia in which a person sees black numbers as coloured numbers and so can this thing seeing clear images instead of unclear images be done for vision,

And if it can be then how,

As it is easy to create a synesthesia,

And I lack knowlage about creating Synesthesia,



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One of my experiences:

Interestingly, when you hear words verbally but are not able to recognize them because they sound foreign or you haven’t really developed enough sound discrimination for the language. If you then visualize the text, you become able to hear words that you ordinarily would not be able to.

I assume something like this perhaps for vision may have a chance at being effective?

I have tried training my peripheral sight to be more detailed, while I became better able to decipher what was in my peripheral vision, it did not really lead to it being any more clear. Maybe if you actively visualize along with this sort of training, you could become able to automatically have your brain perform a sort of best guess resolution enhancer.

Not entirely sure how effective this would be, but this would be interesting to experiment with.