Can music notes be used to remember numbers?

I am refering more to working memory than long time learning.

Fe. When i need to rewrite longer binary number i conwert it to high (for 1) and low (for 0) sounds. I wonder if someone (maybe musicaly trained) tried this for other digits.


I’ve tried to make fantasy memory palaces with audio – AND IT WORKS, so I was happy about that. It works for simple sounds like the sound of walking on snow, rain, violin, running faucet, very short audioloops etc. But I didn’t try super-short super-simple musical tones yet. But yeah, great way to memorize a song – get a whole bunch of little short ‘audioloops’ – tie those all down to loci in a memory palace and then instead of having ‘earworms’ which is just like a short section of music that keeps playing in your head, I imagine you’ll be able to connect all those earworms together and memorize the audio of a song!


People have actually done this with the major scale at least, assigning C = 1, D = 2, E = 3, and up to the higher D = 9. There are various approaches to what to do with 0.


There might be some ideas over here:


Yup. This is how I remember pi. My mnemonic system is 0 = the B below middle C, 1 = middle C, 2 = D, and so on. Every number becomes a melody and I find melodies very easy to remember.

I also find that it is a good supplement to PAO - I use short 4-note melodies to link 6-digit PAO groups together for number-memory tasks.