Can mnemonics be used for higher education?

Hello, so I have been using visualization techniques for a while now, and they are indeed effective. However, they’re also extremely time consuming, and I am a situation (university) where time is a scarce. I am studying biology concepts, and I want to use visualization techniques to help me employ the SQ3R method. (Saves time because no cue cards need to be created) By rote memorization I can quickly learn a fact around two minutes. Can I reach that speed through the use of mnemonics? If so, how much time would I have to wait? I honestly don’t know, some people tell me it requires too much time, while others say that visualization is valuable. If I return to using cue cards, I’m definitely still going to use the memory palace with it, because I’ve been getting such great results from it.

I need to get to a point where an understanding of the material as fast as possible. I’ll appreciate any feedback given. Thank you.

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Mnemonic can be really time consuming for some reasons, I suffered in my past learning progress. I had asked myself why it took me so long to do the trick? Below, it’s my summary.

  • Not understand the content. without comprehensiveness, the translation between concept and images were being hindered.
    70% of the time brain WANDERING

  • Duplicative(many copies) and abbreviated(ideas simplified too much) encryption. An idea was memorised twice or more in different ways, causing “Déjà vu” and chaos.
    20% of the time brain DOUBTFUL

  • Unorganised structure. some ideas sat at home, some sat at school, when needed? No way to tell where the brilliant things at? Causing headaches.
    10% of the time brain DAMAGE
    Above all, fatal in exam

Tho, i am still bad at the first point. But never give up on understanding the concepts. It’s crucial for effective transition of mnemonics. Btw youtube is pretty handy, if u can’t understand some ideas in your lecture notes, why not give it a try on youtube lecturers. eg “Khan academy”


Hey guys, an update: So, in the last few days, I have improved substantially! However, I am memorizing right now a list of characteristics for protists. Most of the time, I am experiencing successful recall. However, I noticed that when I attempt to retrieve information from the stations where I initially positioned my acronyms, I seem to forget them! I am clearly doing something wrong here because memory experts kinda make their own acronyms as they memorize numbers and position object-number pairs into their memory palaces. I believe there are a few possibilities as to why, but I would like some feedback…

  • Perhaps acronyms should be reserved for a list of concepts only? (I only used 5-7)
  • Perhaps the characters I use come from different movies/stories, making remembering difficult?
  • Sometimes, I repeated the same sentences. Still, some protist characteristics overlap with others, thus making the repetition necessary. But maybe it’s that?

I honestly don’t know, but I am interested in what you guys think! Thanks.