Can I use memory tricks in poker or blackjack?

How can I use memory tricks in poker/blackjack/any other card game?


There are some older discussions about poker and blackjack in the old forum that you might find interesting. Those threads are read-only at the moment, but I’m working on getting them migrated into the new forum as quickly as possible.


In black jack is pure memorization and in poker, mental calculation. Both need specific trainning.

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There are systems you can memorise to increase your chances in blackjack but all systems so far still end up with a negative result in the long run if you run many simulations, there’s a mathematician on YouTube who talks about it

Yes, there is a good system you can apply for BlackJack. I’d worked out how it can be done counting the cards which helps to predicts the future cards, I’ve even created a system for it in Excel as a formula which shows the predictions of the next cards with 70% accuracy. I assume many people who worked it out are banned from the casinos.

However, this system only worked in the past and no longer works because the casinos now use an auto-shuffler-shoe machine, which means that each time a few cards are out of the pack, they are put back into the shoe for the auto-shuffle again, so when the cards are back in the shoe, the count is reset to zero and the prediction becomes impossible. So in a way, they cheat right in front of your eyes. Counting cards are not illegal as it takes place in your mind and no-one can stop you doing it unless the management notices you start winning a lot, then he can ask you to leave.

This is the same in the online casinos. They cheat!
The blackjack winning system that I worked it out in my excel formula can easily be applied to online casinos, but they already worked it out that many people who knows the secret to win at blackjack can win on the online casinos instead of the real casino because they don’t use an auto-shuffler machine online, which is perfect for the gambler as there are no people who is watching you count using a computer program. But this was done on purpose by the online casinos!
So that the people/gamblers would still use their counting system and “think that they can apply this system online.”
Do you think that they never thought of getting a machine shuffler online so people can not count? They want you to think that you can count cards because you are online and nobody sees you. This is done on purpose by the online casinos, so they can cheat you while you are applying a count system to win. They know what you are already doing.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on the online casinos trying the system, and unlike a real casino, my system started failing.
I’ve then noticed that they already found a way to cheat the counters. I am fully aware of the Two cheats they apply in the online casinos, there maybe even more, not sure, but I have caught the online casinos cheating! I know it’s a bold statement, I can actually prove one of them, and the other I just know because I counted the cards and a few odd things have happened that I’ve not seen in a real casino. Also, I want to mention that the cards are all chipped, meaning they have a chip that send the signal to their monitor and they know each card that will be coming out of that shoe. This is also where they can cheat you too.

So no blackjack system works for winning, it’s always the casinos who wins in the end.

The only way to make money from a casino nowadays is to sell them a Card-Shuffler :slight_smile:


I was about to make that point… those days are long gone.

Lol… exactly! :wink:

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In his “Quantum Memory” book and CD course (its on youtube) Dominic O’Brien goes into quite some depth as to how, playing Black Jack, he gained enough advantage over the house to make it worth while…worth while to the point of him being barred from Casinos. But that was maybe 30 years ago if not more and you can bet all casinos everywhere take measures to prevent it.

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Maybe if you find a some people play old-school outside a casino setting…

Casnos simply ask you to leave if you win and ban you if you win consistently.

They only take losers as customers. This removes the problem of cheating or card counting. If you win you will be barred.

Nothing against gambling but anyone who goes into a casino hoping to beat the house on a consistent basis is delusional. Might as well sneak into a bear’s cave hoping to steal a meal.


I know a guy who used to be a professional gambler in Las Vegas. I don’t remember exactly what he told me about how he worked, but if I’m recalling correctly, he wasn’t focusing on blackjack. It wasn’t as simple as learning how to count cards. Now he is the tech scene and I think that it pays better and is less stressful than living out of hotels.

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Within the last 10 years or so, someone was able to win large amounts at roulette in the US, using a small computer strapped to the inside of his leg.

He was able to win quickly, and then leave the casino before he was thrown out. He usually moved to a different state for each coup.

The computer might have been similar to the following: