Can i make pao system using initials of people through major system ? can i use the same objects lists from 00 to 99?

I am new in using mnemonics like major system. I came to know about it only when i read the book of Dominic o Brien and i wanted to use dominic system to memorize numbers but i could not make 100 people initials of people using his system since most of the name starting with those initials were not familiar persons. next, it became even harder to make initials or surname of people with ‘o’. Basically in my country people do not have or rarely have it. So,i have chossed major system and now i have made 00 to 99 peg list with images or some with people.

Can i use same objects from 00 to 99 to make PAO list ? what would be better to do?
Can i use major system to make PAO?

You can use the Major System for PAO. You might want to take a look at the how to memorize numbers and the premade lists on the Major System pages for some examples.

thank you for your reply. I went through the link you provided but i am afraid to say that most of the name for PA major system are not familiar to me as i am from eastern background [INDIA and Nepal]. I am having difficulty to find famous people whom i know well.

what i have done now that i have created PA system some time with one way and some times with another way. For example:
01 Sachin Tandulkar holding a bat
02 Sonu Nigam singing song
03 Sumo showing a badge

06 Sujan walking fast
14 Tara washing floor with mop
26 Ninja holdin magic wand
08 Sigmund fried …not sure action

I would have gone to dominic system completly but could not find familiar name initial or surname with letter “O” so I ended up using combinations with major system.
I am not sure whether this kind of combination for initials name would work or not. what do you think others about it ?

If you’re having trouble finding people, you don’t need to use people or a PAO system. Many memorizers don’t use person-based systems.

Check out the Ben System for an example. My 2-digit system used only one image per 2-digit number, and it’s a mix of objects, people, mythological characters, and other things.

Here are some examples from my 2-digit number system – it’s mostly objects:

  • 00 = sewing needle
  • 01 = iced tea
  • 02 = Zeus
  • 03 = satellite
  • 04 = samba dancer
  • 05 = Salvador Dali
  • 06 = wasabi
  • 07 = ice cubes
  • 08 = asafoetida flowers
  • 09 = Aesop
  • etc.
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Hey, I would say to be careful with what you choose for the system, for example, in a PAO from 00-99 you break the number in groups of 2. So the number 135678 would be 13-56-78, that would be the person of 13 doing the action of 56 with the object of 78, in your case you are repeating actions so Tara holding a magic wand could be either 14-26-26 or 14-01-26 as holding is the action of both 01 and 26.
Also careful with similar things or abstract things, showing can be confused with holding and also is hard to imagine for example Tara kicking a song 14-00-02.
I personally did not adapt using PAO so I use a 2 digit system, each number from 00-99 is a single object or person, so for example if 02 is Zeus and 09 is a cat the number 0209 can be Zeus petting a cat