Can i consider my self as a "Memory Athlete"?

This question keeps me doubting everytime, but am i considered as a “Memory Athlete” even though i have not joined any Memory Competition?
BTW, i can do 52 cards under 2mins, and 80 numbers in 1min, able to use Mind Palace properly and some Mnemonics.

That should answer your question.

Personally, even if I reached a level where I could compete, I would never think of myself as a 'Mental Athlete ’ (I detest the phrase and Buzan’s ‘Warrior Of The mind’ too ), my aspiration is to be able to call myself a ‘mnemonist’.


Yo Clint!

GibtsDochGarNicht is right, you can also definitely call yourself a mnemonist.

But if you strictly go by the definition of the word, an athlete competes. Does it have to be in an actual tournament? If you want to test your mettle against other trained athletes, then there are no other place to do it.

Or you can join the Online Memory League and compete online, it accomplishes the same thing.

Or join a local club, better yet organize one, and compete with each other.

You’re already doing great with memorizing stuff but what you’re worrying about are just labels. They change and are malleable. It’s all up to you.

What’s keeping you from competing?