Can anyone suggest how to memorize these mountain ranges for a long term

Including height?

yes including height

I suggest you find similarities between the names of peaks and things you’re familiar with. For example for Everest, you can imagine a person named Eve resting on a couch (Eve rest). regarding heights, you can encode them with major or dominic system. Then you make a link between the first image (image linked to the peak) with the second one (image inked to the height).
You should notice a pattern : Indian Height begins with a K or N, Nepali Heights don’t.


Dear can you please make some tricks actually i am new to this and have very little idea… from your styles i am going to explore…

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Are you indian ?

First tell me which system you are using for numbers.
Major system?

First, You should know my friend that Memory Art is not all tricks. You should put an effort at the beginning to learn one visual system -at least-. The most popular are : Major, Dominic, and PAO.
As is said, associations must be familiar to you, it depends on your language and culture. For example, If I were to find associations, I would search in the Arabic language. You don’t have to find an exact match to the word (Peak), It suffices to find a word similar in pronunciation, even partially. Some times, the word only plays the role of a triger to recall the actual info. For example the peak : Nanga Parbat, you can associate the word “Manga” to it, because it’s very close in pronunciation to “Nanga”. For the rest of the name “Parbat” you can rely on your memory, or find another association to encode it.
Other examples of associations :
Kamet : Comet
Gurla : Gorilla

Well , I don’t know which is your number system so i am trying to give tips in the shapes of numbers.

Tips :

  1. All mountains that have two words are from India and single word mountains are from nepal.
    Exception: Kamet (India)
    Gurla Mandhata (Nepal)

2.For memorizing mountain order.

  1. Mt. Everest (It can easily remember because you know the fact that it is the highest mt. of the world.

  2. Shoe - Kanchenjunga ( we wearing a shoe and walking on kanche)

  3. Lip - Makalu (Mahakal is kissing on hookah)

  4. Knife - Dhaulagiri (we are cutting dhol)

  5. Snake - Nanga parbat ( Snake is always naked (nanga)

  6. Whistle. - Annapurna ( after a lot of days when we see annapurna(*goddess of food) we whistling.

  7. Axe - Nanda Devi (Nandi holding an axe)

  8. Hourglass - Kamet (Comet is going to fall and we seen it in your personal hourglass.)

  9. Balloon - Namcha Barwa (you are eating namchim in the sky and you are flying in a unknown balloon.)

  10. Bat ball - Gurla Mandhata (your girlfriend names mandhata loves to play bat ball)

Note : As i said Gurla Mandhata and kamet is exception because it’s your personal thing.
*Gurla Mandhata - Girlfriend names mandhata (personal matter)

  • Kamet - in this situation hourglass is your personal object , it’s your own very old hourglass.

And last for the height of mountains, you can add them pictures by major system , pao system , shaper system or any system which suitable for you.

thanks a lot but how to remember heights…

What is your source for these heights? In his book, Memorize, Nelson Dellis gives a method for memorizing these, but his list of mountain peaks differs from yours. There may be different measuring methods, so both could be “right.”

As far as remembering the numbers, the only way I know is to first learn a PAO system.